So much going on

Life is hectic again at the moment.  I mean, for me.  Not compared to what most normal people squash into their everyday lives, what with socialising, looking after children etc. 

Yesterday the boss-man returned from 4 weeks in New Zealand.  It’s good to have him back, he can buffer me from people I don’t need to deal with. 

Today I took the car in for it’s 3rd year service and 1st time MOT.  I took it to the garage over the road from work, mainly because they are over the road from work ie convenient.  They promised I could have it back by lunchtime, 12 if possible.  At 9.30 they phoned to say it a rear brake light had failed.  Okay, so fix it.  Also, they recommended the brake fluid was changed.  Fine, do that.  Then they phoned again at 11.15 to say that while changing the brake fluid, a part had seized up, so they forced it and it broke off.  !  !  !  What?

It is going to take until tomorrow to even get the part in, then time to fit it.  In the meantime the car is not safe to drive, so i had to leave it with them.  There was no courtesy car available. 

So at lunchtime I had to catch 2 buses home, clutching my laptop and wishing I’d taken a scarf and an extra coat with me this morning.  Tomorrow I’ll have to  make my way back over there somehow, to collect my poor car.  It’s better be done in the morning, or they’ll be delivering it! 

This afternoon, I have to phone a different branch of Ford, who have sent me a letter telling me that my warranty is about to expire.  Would I like to renew it?  Only, I did!  When I bought the car I paid extra for an extended warranty!  Aaaaarrrggghhh!

Then I have to phone the hospital, who still haven’t sent me an appointment with a physio, 6 weeks after I was promised an emergency one. 

Tomorrow, apart from trying to retrieve my car, I’ve got to get to the Dr’s surgery to collect a prescription for painkillers.  Only, they are only open until lunchtime. 

Then, thank goodness for occasional relief, I’m off to the library for my usual knitting group meeting. 

On Thursday I’m going out with friends I used to work with, for lunch at my favourite Italian restaurant.  I meet with Caron fairly regularly, but only occasionally with the other guys, who are consultants and work all over the place. 

Next Tuesday is our final team meeting before christmas.  Theresa has just suggested going out for lunch, and the boss-man has offered to pay!  Not arguing!

Sometime next week I have a 1:1 with the boss-man, but don’t know when. 

Then the following weekend is A’s annual weekend away with the lads.  I’m off out with the left-behind girlfriends one evening, and my Dad id taking me and my niece shopping for birthday presents. 

Phew, feels like there isn’t much time to breathe!


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