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December 23, 2008

I have been so busy the last couple of weeks.  In all aspects of my life.  Lets see…

Health: I went to see the consultant at the hospital yesterday.  The woman was horrible to me, told me she doesn’t believe my pain is down to endometriosis at all, but wasn’t interested in finding out what is causing it.  In fact, she implied that I was making it up.  Usually I complain that I never see the same doctor twice at the hospital…for once I didn’t want to!  This is the same woman who refused to discuss the surgery I want when I saw her three months ago, and my heart sank when I saw her name on the board in the clinic.  When I couldn’t help crying (I was just so demoralised by what she said), she decided to refer me back to the consultant I have seen before, then one who did laparoscopies on me and diagnosed the endometriosis in the first place.  My own GP has suggested giving this one last chance, then he will start fighting my corner, trying to get me the right treatment.  Of course, the stress ( and the trekking around to see people) isn’t helping with the pain. 

On a positive note, the cold I had has largely cleared up, and I didn’t even feel that bad at the worst point. 

Work: Is busy, lots of reports to develop as well as regular reports to run and publish.  We are having a lot of network issues, with servers and software crashing frequently.  For 2 hours this morning I couldn’t do anything at all!

The positive?  Tomorrow is my last day in the office until 5th Jan.  In fact, we are usually allowed to leave early on Christmas eve so it’s only the morning then I’m free for nearly 2 weeks.

Christmas: We have finally finished all our shopping – food, presents, the lot.  After the hospital yesterday we caught a bus to big Asda and bought the majority of our presents for other people.  We wouldn’t normally leave it this late, but didn’t have the money until I got paid yesterday.  Still, it is done.  Now we just have a mammoth task of wrapping presents, writing cards and delivering them all to people. 

Veg and Meat boxes: We ordered a large meat box, which arrived yesterday, to top up the freezer.  It was full of lovely goodies as always, including lots of bacon.   mmmm…bacon.  We also ordered extra fruit and veg, as we got our last delivery for more than two weeks on Saturday.  So I got 2 fruit boxes – this weeks surprise was a pineapple in each!  We also got a medium veg box instead of a mini one, so we won’t run out. 

Babysitting:  On Saturday evening we looked after a nephew and niece, so that A’s sister and her partner could go out.  We haven’t looked after Amy before, and don’t look after Liam that often.  Poor Amy was teething, so we spent plenty of time walking up and down and rocking her to get her to sleep.  Sadly she woke up frequently so it must have been really painful.  Liam was a handful, but what 3 year old isn’t?!  He’s just lively, into everything.  Our house isn’t very well set up for children that young, especially at the moment with xmas stuff everywhere, but he settled down to sleep eventually, clutching A’s hand.  Aaah, sweet! 

This evening and tomorrow will be swallowed by wrapping/delivering gifts.  Thursday will obviously be busy, being xmas day.  We’re off out for lunch with A’s mum and my dad, so hopefully it’ll be stress free.  Then eventually we get a few days to switch off and chill.  And I’m looking forward to that part!


Photos…with help from Rabbit

December 20, 2008

It’s been a while, but here are a few photos.  First an update – been busy at work, been knitting socks, been putting up Christmas decorations.  I’ve had an on-and-off cold, which seems to be clearing up now (touch wood), and I’ve had a few bad pain days.  On Monday I’m off to see the consultant and plead for help, and on New Year’s eve I’m seeing someone in the pain clinic to borrow a tens machine.  There are only 3 working days now until the xmas break, then I’m off until 5th Jan.  Hooray!

Anyway, the photos…

I finished my pretty leaf lace socks – they are very soft and comfortable:

I love the colour, and the variety of the pattern – leaf lace up the front, ladder lace up the back and eye of partridge heel. 

The other socks I’ve finished, just this morning are these ones…called covered in cables:

They are also really soft and comfy and I’m really pleased with them.  I finished the first one, but it wasn’t quite long enough in the foot.  I got on with the second sock, making the foot a little longer than the first, then unpicked the toe of the first and made the cabled bit just half a repeat longer.  I didn’t plan it that way, but they turned out really Christmassy – brilliant at this time of year!  The green and red aren’t really Christmassy on their own, but together, they work somehow. 

On to the next – I’m starting yet another pair of socks, for myself again.  I don’t know when I became such a selfish knitter, all I want to do is knit myself socks!  This next pair will be using the lovely Araucania yarn I treated myself to for my birthday. 

I think I’m going to make Waving not Drowning, a free pattern from the Violet Green website.  This is the website I’m planning to spend my Christmas present money on, when we eventually have enough to spare.  The plan is, we’ll agree a set amount to spend, and each buy ourselves something we really want.  Mmmmmm…sock yarn!

Finally, before I go and cook a stir fry for our dinner, here are a couple of pictures of that damn rabbit ‘helping’ me to take photos of my socks!


Hmm, very helpful!


December 9, 2008

I’m having a bad day, pain-wise.  It’s one of the worst yet,  so I’m working at home, trying to get the urgent stuff done (the code is running while I type) as quickly as possible so I can veg for a while this afternoon. 

I didn’t have a good day yesterday either.  Apart from the increasing pain, stuff happened at work which left me feeling very isolated and lonely.  I was really glad of A’s comforting cuddles when I got home, I thank my lucky stars that he is here for me. 

That said, he was away all weekend, on his annual lads’ weekend in Newquay.  I really enjoy my weekend while he is gone, albeit with an undertone of missing him. 

I cooked up some lovely dinners using ingredients I steer clear of while he’s here.  On Friday I had salmon fillets, steamed in a tin foil parcel, with pasta, mushrooms and watercress sauce.  Delicious!  Saturday also ended up being pasta…spaghetti with a mushroom and cheese sauce. 

I spent most of the day on Saturday out with my Dad, his friend and my niece Madi.  Dad was treating Madi and me for our birthdays – 3 weeks late, but that’s good going for him.  We started in big Asda, where Madi picked out a doll, some doll accessories and a t-shirt.  Then we had lunch in the cafe, before wandering over to Borders for books.  Mmmmm…books!  Madi picked out a couple of drawing and colouring books, and I got to choose 6!  I got a couple of books on French history, a couple of modern novels and two classics.  I love to read, can’t live without it, and an outing like that was a proper treat. 

After Borders, we wandered on to a local garden centre to look at xmas decorations, then had hot chocolate and coffee cake in their cafe.  Finally we drove to Lydiard Park so Madi could play on the playground. 

Phew, quite a long day – by the end of it I was really tired and in a lot of pain.  I cancelled my plans to go out in the evening and stayed at home knitting and watching television. 

A came home on Sunday lunchtime, but not before I had time to re-watch Edward Scissorhands.  I love that film.  It makes me cry every time. 

Anyway, I suppose i should get back to work, now my code has run.  Catch you soon.