I’m having a bad day, pain-wise.  It’s one of the worst yet,  so I’m working at home, trying to get the urgent stuff done (the code is running while I type) as quickly as possible so I can veg for a while this afternoon. 

I didn’t have a good day yesterday either.  Apart from the increasing pain, stuff happened at work which left me feeling very isolated and lonely.  I was really glad of A’s comforting cuddles when I got home, I thank my lucky stars that he is here for me. 

That said, he was away all weekend, on his annual lads’ weekend in Newquay.  I really enjoy my weekend while he is gone, albeit with an undertone of missing him. 

I cooked up some lovely dinners using ingredients I steer clear of while he’s here.  On Friday I had salmon fillets, steamed in a tin foil parcel, with pasta, mushrooms and watercress sauce.  Delicious!  Saturday also ended up being pasta…spaghetti with a mushroom and cheese sauce. 

I spent most of the day on Saturday out with my Dad, his friend and my niece Madi.  Dad was treating Madi and me for our birthdays – 3 weeks late, but that’s good going for him.  We started in big Asda, where Madi picked out a doll, some doll accessories and a t-shirt.  Then we had lunch in the cafe, before wandering over to Borders for books.  Mmmmm…books!  Madi picked out a couple of drawing and colouring books, and I got to choose 6!  I got a couple of books on French history, a couple of modern novels and two classics.  I love to read, can’t live without it, and an outing like that was a proper treat. 

After Borders, we wandered on to a local garden centre to look at xmas decorations, then had hot chocolate and coffee cake in their cafe.  Finally we drove to Lydiard Park so Madi could play on the playground. 

Phew, quite a long day – by the end of it I was really tired and in a lot of pain.  I cancelled my plans to go out in the evening and stayed at home knitting and watching television. 

A came home on Sunday lunchtime, but not before I had time to re-watch Edward Scissorhands.  I love that film.  It makes me cry every time. 

Anyway, I suppose i should get back to work, now my code has run.  Catch you soon.


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