2009 already?

Happy New Year!  I was thinking about that phrase earlier, having said/used it for the umpteenth time.  Isn’t it a bit odd?  I guess it’s just a contraction of ‘Have a happy new year’ or even ‘I hope you have a happy new year’.  It just started to sound really strange, I dunno. 

Anyway, it’s been over a week since I wrote…what’s the news?

Christmas day: was reasonably peaceful.  We changed our ‘seeing no-one much’ plans at the last minute because A’s mum decided she wanted to come over to our house in the morning and stay all day.  By picking her up much earlier than we had planned to even wake up, we were able to call in at my mu’s and get home again before I even had to take the first dose of painkillers, which meant I was okay to walk to dinner and back – having taken the strongest tablets. 

My Dad met us back at our house when we had done that, turning up with his typical brilliant timing, just as we served up bacon sandwiches.  Luckily we had foreseen it, and there were plenty for us all.  A and his mum then went round the corner to see his sister and her family, staying for about an hour or so.  Soon after they got back we set off for dinner. 

Dinner was nice enough.  The food wasn’t the best we’ve had, and the service was a little hit and miss, but for the sake of turning up, being waited on and walking away with no clearing up to do, it was well worth what we paid.  Next year we are thinking of seeing where else is open and trying something different, but we’ll definitely eat out again, given the choice. 

To make up for the lack of real Christmas dinner, A cooked us up a proper roast on Sunday, with all the extra trimmings that make it a Christmas dinner, not just a roast.  We had one of the organic chickens from the meat box, with lots of cheats to make it easier – the potatoes were ready to roast (coated in goose fat), the stuffing, bread sauce and cranberry sauce all came from Marks & Spencer, and the gravy was from granules.  But it was delicious.  We thoroughly enjoyed it. 

What else?  Oh yes, yesterday I finally went back to the hospital to borrow a tens machine from the physio department.  Hopefully it will help with the pain, so I can cope better with everyday things.  Like working, for example.  It seems to have a lot of different settings, and the advice was simply to test lots of combinations of settings and see what works.  A bit non-specific but as everyone responds differently, it’s hard for them to advise. 

Sadly, the xmas break is now nearly over.  On Monday I have to return to work – it seems like a year since I last worked, and yet it also doesn’t seem like ten days is over already.  Happily though, we have booked our April holiday already.  We’re off to Westward Ho! again (yes I know, yet again), staying in the same park as always, and really looking forward to it. 

And finally, in knitting news…I’ll let the photos do the talking!


These are the Waving not Drowning socks I knitted using the lovely soft Araucania yarn I treated myself to for my birthday.  It was expensive, but it looks so good, is really soft on my feet and is a delight to knit with. 

I made this I-Phone sock as a birthday present for my sister-in-law, Sam.  She got her I-Phone in October, just before we went on holiday, and asked me to knit a cover for it, to save it from scratches.  I forgot all about it until last weekend and realised if I was quick I could get it done for her birthday on Tuesday.  It fits perfectly, and Sam seemed really happy with it, even if my miserable brother was scathing and rude about it. 

This is the sock I’m working on at the moment.  I got all the way past the heel then realised I’d got the lace charts confused (they weren’t labelled in the instructions, helpfully), so last night I frogged the whole thing and started again.  I am determined not to give up, although this is the fourth or fifth problem I’ve had with this pattern.  Hopefully, if I get them finished, I can use them as my Knit-A-Long (KAL) project for one of the Ravelry groups Ive joined. 

And finally, this is my Christmas present to myself…ordered on Sunday, received yesterday (Wednesday)…

I cannot express how truly wonderful these skeins of yarn are – the photo does them no justice at all.  They are so soft, so beautifully coloured, so amazing.  And so expensive, but never mind that.  Look at the pretty!


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