Why Photo Saturday?

Have Iever explained why photos usually turn up on Saturdays?  It’s simple (and stupid) really…technology.  Now I’m not technophobe, far from it.  I ‘do’ technology all day at work and plenty outside work too.  Only, the laptop I bought doesn’t have the right size card slot for my camera’s memory card.  A’s netbook does, but it’s linux not Windows and I don’t know how to make the machine recognise that it has the card in it.  Our old desktop has no card slots at all, but it is hooked up to the printer…which has card slots including the right sized one.  Why not just plug the new laptop into the printer?  I don’t have a copy of the software and am too lazy to track it down and install it.  Plus I don’t know if it will work with Vista.  Also, we were talking about getting a wireless printer when we can afford it anyway. 

So to sum it up, I’m a lazy doofus!  To get photos on here, or anywhere else for that matter, I have to load up the old desktop (slow slow slow) and the printer.  Then transfer the photos form the card to the desktop.  The upload them (oh so slowly) to flickr.  Finally I can shut down the desktop and printer and start doing what I want using just my pretty, clever laptop. 

Wow, that was a long story!  Luckily I do have photos to show for it.

I’ve finished spending my xmas present money, and somehow all of it went on knitting related stuff.  I’m not sure how that happened, it certainly wasn’t the plan.  After my Violet Green binge the other day, I realised that I’d only ordered one skein of the lavendar DKalpaca, when I needed two.  So, oh dear, I had to re-visit the site and order another.  And while I was there picked out this little pretty:

It’s VG Stellar sock yarn and it’s so soft and lovely.  A chose the specific colour combo, so maybe he’ll get another pair of socks from it. 

I also wandered over to Get Knitted, looking for sock blockers.  I found these:

I discovered after washing my soft cosy Araucania wool socks that they had shrunk slightly so needed stretching out while they dried.  A Ha!  Sock blockers would do that for me, as well as displaying my pretty finished socks to best advantage with the bonus of being easier to take photos of than my own feet. 

Of course, while shopping at Get Knitted it would have been rude to order sock blockers without sock yarn, now wouldn’t it? 

This is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in the colourway Apple Hill.  I’ve had my eye on it for a while. 

So now I have a lovely fat stash of sock yarns, ready to wind into balls and knit into socks of great beauty.  Of course, I could end up with far more socks than I need myself.  Perhaps the time has come to start knitting them for other people?  Yeah, right, we’ll see about that. 

Next, here are the latest finished pair:

See how the sock blockers allow me to take a better picture?  Even with a reasonable close-up of the pattern itself.  I didn’t much enjoy knitting these as I made so many mistakes in the pattern.  I don’t know why.  I’ve done more complicated lace patterns than this before.  I just couldn’t get it right and nearly every round ended up with a mistake in it, which of course I had to tink and re-knit.  Never mind, the finished socks are lovely and worth sticking at. 

Now I’m on to a pair of bed-socks for myself, knitted from that VG lavendar alpaca I had to buy a second skein of.  It’s a spiral rib pattern tube sock.  I’ve never made a tube sock before, so that’s worth a go. 

Moving on to a health update, I’ve got myself a tens machine, one of my own.  It’s a bit different to the one I was loaned byt he hospital…

This is my new one (above)…and compared to the hospital one…


How different is that?!

I’m still playing with the settings, trying to find the most comfortable/pain relieving, but the new one should make that easier as it not only has preset and programmable features, it keeps a log of which settings have been used for how long.  It also remembers the last setting used, which is fantastic. 

Ona  less positive front, I got a letter from the consultant I saw in December, telling me she has spoken to the consultant I’m seeing in March, and they have agreed that this pain is unlikely to be endometriosis.  They don’t seem at all  interested in what it is instead.  I’ve tried phoning for an earlier appointment, and the only chance I have of getting one is to phone every few days and ask if there have been any cancellations.  What a great system! 

Okay, so that’s knitting and health covered…what else have I got to say?  Of course!  Weather!  Weirdly it has been colder than it has been for years around here, with regular snow, frost that doesn’t melt all day and lots of ice everywhere.  I’ve been walking to work as I don’t like to drive when it is so icy.  There were several small accidents in our work car park  week, where it hadn’t been gritted so the cars were just skating around it.  It takes 45 mins and I have to tread pretty carefully but I’d rather walk it thanks!

Anyway, enough for now, I’m off to meet my friend in town for lunch.


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