A week of snow

I don’t remember it snowing like this since I was a child.  Every morning since Monday we’ve woken up to at least a couple of centimetres of snow on the ground.  Most days it melts by evening and is there again in the morning, deeper every day.  It’s forecast to last a while longer as well. 

The novelty wore off very quickly.  Most of the local schools are closed, bus services are very restricted, when they run at all and shops are running low on stock because of panic buying.  I’ve been working at home most of the week, although I did walk in to the office on Wednesday. 

A’s walk to work at 6am has not been fun, and being trapped at home all afternoon doesn’t make him happy.  He did manage to build himself a snowman in the garden though!  He went out to clear some of the drifting snow away from the back door, heaped it up out of the way and decided to have some fun.


Aaaahhh, cute!

I had a call on Weds morning, offering me a cancellation appointment for the pain management clinic at the hospital on  Thursday morning.  It was a bit of a problem getting there on time, but I’m hopeful that the physio lady I saw will be able to help.  The aim is not to cure me of pain, but to help me work out ways of managing it that let me do the things I need to do.  To reclaim my life really. 

I’ve got some simple exercises to do, a diary of all my activity and pain levels to keep and I have to do a work-space assessment when I next go into the office.  The boss-man has instructed me that he will do his best to get anything I need, for work or home.  So I have to re-consider the way I work at home as well.  Looks like I’ll have to clear the desk in the library, get hold of an office chair and ask for a docking station. 

Apparently I’m a ‘doer a giver and a coper’, which is great while I’m healthy.  I consider it a compliment in fact.  But when I’m ill it means I keep doing things even when I know it makes the pain worse.  I’ve got to learn to pace my activity, and even my inactivity!  I have to move around at least every half hour, at work or home. 

Sounds easy, but when I’m in the middle of something – writing code at work or knitting at home – I don’t want to get up and move.  We’ll see.  At least for now someone is trying to help in a constructive way. 

On Weds afternoon I went to see the Dr-man again, and got blood test results.  The results were all back and all clear, apart from the coeliac one which had to be sent away.  It’s the one I was most interested in too.  The Dr-man is referring me to see a gastro-enterologist anyway, and I can phone again next week to find out if the test result is back. 

On to the really interesting stuff…knitting news.

I have completed two repeats of my pretty purple scarf every day, and it is now up to twenty-something repeats and nearly finished.  I will have so much of the yarn left over that I thought I might make matching gloves and hat. 

My Mum’s ‘think pink’ socks were going well until I reached the place where i thought the ribbon pattern would go and couldn’t make it work from the bottom up – the pattern I have is top down.  I also realised that my plans for the picot top and threaded-through ribbon wouldn’t work as well.  So I frogged the lot and have started again. 

On Tuesday I got my latest order from Get Knittedin the post – some lovely Tofutsies sock yarn (cos I didn’t have enough sock yarn already, nope not enough by far), a range of KnitPicks Options circular needles in sock sizes and the deluxe KnitPicks Options interchangable needle set. 


Oh so pretty!  I immediately transferred my scarf onto the interchangable needles, which I know is bad practice but I just had to try them.  I have no idea what the Tofutsies is destined for (except probably socks, obviously). 

But look, pretty!


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