…insert title here…

I cant think of a title right now, so I may come back to it if something occurs to me, otherwise…whatever.

I finished re-reading Wuthering Heights the other day, and I’m pleased to say I followed the story and kind of ‘got it’ for the first time.  I still found it hard work, and I had to concentrate on it, but the lightbulb click moment when I got through it was worth it.  I think the problem lies in all the similar names,  Heathcliff and Hareton and Hindley and Linton and two Catherines.  I just find it hard work. 

Now I’m reading the James Bond book Devil May Care, by Sebastian Faulks writing as Ian Fleming.  It seems quite stilted and uncomfortable to start with, with lots of irritating not-quite-explanations and history snippets, but his style is relaxing a bit now I’m further into it.  I have several other books by Faulks, and really enjoy his style and stories.  Once I’ve read this one it might be good to track down one of the original Bond books, by Fleming himself, and see how it compares. 

Then what?  Maybe The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  Maybe some Thomas Hardy.  Maybe something completely different.  I don’t plan too far ahead with my reading, often just reading whatever catches my eye.  I do keep a list of what I’ve read though, by date and by author.  I can easily see how recently I’ve read something, or what I was reading as far back as 2003.  It’s fascinating.  Although, reading that back it actually sounds really dull 😉 .  Really though, I consider that I read Pride and Prejudice regularly, frequently even.  But I realised the other day that I haven’t read it since before 2003!  That’s not frequent at all! 

Moving on to knitting…I made it to knitting group today, for the second week running.  It’s always good to relax for that hour or so. 

I have completed the first of my Mum’s ‘think pink’ socks (thank heavens) and it finally looks the right size.  It is a little grubby from having been wound, knit, frogged and re-wound several times, but once sock 2 is done, I’ll wash them and pass them on to their owner. 

I put off starting my second malabrigo glove, so I’d concentrate on the pink socks, but now one sock is done, I’ve cast on the second glove.  I haven’t decided whether to work on both at once or finish glove then sock. 

Once I’ve got these two projects done, I’ve promised to make a wedding sampler for my friend to give to her daughter, as a wedding present.  I haven’t done any cross-stitch since all the wedding presents I made last year, so it’ll be nice to do something different.  I just have to drag myself away from the knitting for long enough! 

Anyway, on that note I must go and start cooking dinner.  Steak and chips, mmmmm.


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