Not so happy

So I burbled on last Saturday about how happy I was, how all the pieces were fitting together, how much I was enjoying myself. 

Then my soon-to-be-ex-stepmother turned up, just as our lovely but unappreciated roast dinner made it to the table.  After crying and ranting for a while, she insisted on calling my Mum, from the privacy of my living room.  When she had finished on the phone she came back through to the dining room to tell me that my grandmother died Saturday night/Sunday morning. 

My grandparents (who I have always known by their usual names of Anne and Gavyn) had gone on holiday to Spain.  While checking in to their villa, in the reception building, Anne slipped or tripped or something, on her way to the toilet, and fell down a flight of stairs.  She didn’t regain consciousness and died in hospital a short while later. 

Gavyn is elderly (in his 80’s, as was Anne), slightly senile, and now very confused. 

One of my uncles was also on holiday in Spain, and flew over to Gavyn immediately.  My Aunt also flew over from London.  They are all now back in England, at Gavyn’s home in Berkshire.  Some time today, my aunts and uncles are all gathering along with my Dad to discuss the future. 

I’ve never been close to Anne or Gavyn, they were very young when we all came along, and I suppose they just didn’t see themselves as grandparents.  That makes me sad now, I wish I had made more time to get to know them. 

My Dad is obviously very upset, but we have talked on the phone about what’s happening, and he has been round to see me as well.  Apparently they are thinking of holding a small family only funeral then a much grander memorial service.  Anne was a very active vice-president of the Women’s Royal British Legion, as well as various other organisations, so there will be a lot of  pomp and ceremony to get through. 

It’s a sad story.  I can’t cry just yet.  Sooner or later it’ll all burst out and I’ll sob for hours, but for now I’m dry-eyed but very sad. 

There are knitting photos, and other stories to tell, but I just don’t feel like it right now.

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