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Negative and Positive

April 7, 2009

It’s been a while since I wrote.  To be honest I’ve been struggling to find much positive to say, and to write only about the negative is too miserable. 

So, getting the down side over with:

  • My Grandmother’s body is still in Spain.  It could be another 3 weeks before her funeral;
  • My Dad’s neighbour and long-time family friend died of cancer.  Her funeral is on Thursday;
  • My Mum has pre-cancerous cells and probably needs a full hysterectomy sometime soon;
  • We have a big meeting at work on Thursday morning, when we will probably (hopefully?) find out our future;
  • I’m signed off work for two weeks (half way through now) as I’m too sleepy to drive or concentrate.

Moving swiftly on with positives:

  • I’m signed off work – lots of time for knitting and reading, when I can stay awake;
  • I’m starting to feel better, even reducing the dose of co-codamol so I’m a bit less stupid;
  • Knitting, did I mention knitting?

I could probably put in some pictures here, but I don’t really feel like it. 

I have re-started the net curtain for the dining room, which I began ages ago.  I was using very fine needles, as the open lace pattern I was getting on fat needles didn’t look right.  I re-started in a new pattern on fatter ones, realised it would still take forever, and started yet again on the fattest ones I have.  It’s coming along, but will still take a while. 

Of course, I’m also knitting socks.  Mmmmmm…socks.  I’m using some Tofutsies yarn and it’s lovely. 

Anyway, can’t stay here chatting all day, I’m off to knit.