I’m back!

Well, it’s been a while.  I can’t think of all the exciting things I’ve been up to in the past few weeks, but here’s a brief list of high(and low)lights:

  • My Grandmother’s funeral finally happened.  With it came a release of tension and a chance to actually talk to some of the family;
  • We’ve been on holiday to Westward Ho!  Yay, holiday!
  • I went for a pre-op assessment yesterday – 4 attempts at a blood test, two giganto-normous bruises and two hours later…
  • I’m still waiting for a surgery date;
  • Work is still work, busy but nothing urgent;
  • Mum still doesn’t know whether she’ll be having a hysterectomy.

I think that’s most of it. 

I made it into the office this morning, for the first time in weeks.  Only, I forgot my laptop.  And my tens machine.  And somehow didn’t manage to take any of my tablets before I went.  So two hours later, I came back home again.  D’oh!

In knitting news, I’ve been busy on socks, as always.  Also, I’m making a ladybird pyjama case for my friends little girl.  I couldn’t find a pattern for what I wanted, so I’m making it up.  It took me a while to track down how exactly to knit a flat circle, but as soon as I’d figured that out, I was away.  It’s getting there now, just got to finish the shell, sew it on to the body and stuff it, then work out legs, eyes and antennae.  I’ll post pictures when I’m done, maybe even write up the pattern (if I can make sense of my scribbled notes). 

Talking of pictures, I’m sure I’m way behind.  On Saturday I should have the morning to myself while A is at work, so I’ll get some sorted then. 

For now though, back to work!


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