The return of Photo Saturday!

Okay, let’s get straight on with the good stuff…all knitting, but at least they’re photos.  I can’t remember when I last posted photos, or what they included, so I’m just going to launch in with the last few pairs of socks and hope that covers it (too lazy to check)…

Yarn: Violet Green’s Burnt Orange Solemate

Pattern: Primavera


Yarn: Tofutsies

Pattern: Tidal Wave


Yarn: VG Stellar 1403

Pattern: Fools Rush

And, after all the lovely sockiness…my creative masterpiece (?!)…a pyjama case made for my friend’s little girl, who will be 2 this month.

The 3rd picture is just to demonstrate where the ‘jamas go.  Neat, huh?

Yep, that’s just one big pile of weirdness disguised as creativity, but hopefully Maya will like it.


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