Where’s my mojo?

My knitting mojo!  Where has it hidden itself away?!

Seriously, I’ve hardly been knitting at all.  I finished my last pair of socks, I finished the ladybird pyjama case for Maya, and I couldn’t think what to cast on next. 

I thought “That’s easy, I’ll just make me some more socks”.  I picked out some lovely Tofutsies yarn, mmm pretty blue yarn.  So soft.  I picked out a pattern, couldn’t get gauge.  I picked another pattern, didn’t like the look of it.  I picked a third pattern, which had options for two sizes.  The large one was way too large.  The small/medium was way too small. 

I trawled Ravelry.  I searched my queue…ransacked my favourites…scoured the forums.  I rummaged through both of my sock books.  I could not settle on a pattern. 

I decided to make a plain, simple stocking stitch sock. 

I knit the cuff then thought to myself “I could just take a peek in the book of stitch patterns I have upstairs”. 

Then of course, the only problem was deciding on one stitch pattern!  I’ve ended up with something kind of odd looking, but I like it.  It involves wrapping the yarn several times around the needle before knitting stitches on some rows…

And the close-up on the pattern:

Of course, I’ve realised since I finally settled on these that the Tofutsies yarn isn’t the 4-ply fingering weight yarn I usually use for socks…it’s 3-ply light fingering.  Genius! 

When I’ve finished these I’ll hopefully be able to afford enough yarn to make me a cardigan.  I love cardigans, wear them all the time, and I’ve got a few patterns in my Ravelry queue. 

After that, I’m hoping that my new sock book will have finally turned up.  I ordered it weeks and weeks ago, and I’ll have had so far is repeated e-mails apologising for the delay.  The only consolation is that I’ve seen lots of other Ravelers complaining of delays too, so it’s not just me, there is a problem with it. 

On to non-knitting stuff…our 11 year old niece is staying over with us tonight.  I offered her a choice of birthday treat – a shopping trip, a fancy restaurant dinner, a trip to the cinema, a sleep-over with take away of her choice…or anything else she could think of.  The strange child wouldn’t even consider the other options, she desperately wants to stay with us.  So we’ll be ordering pizza and trying to keep her entertained for the evening. 

Hmm, apart from that…can’t think of much news…nope, that’s it, for today anyway.


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