I’m feeling a bit better.  I’d almost say a lot better, but that would just be getting carried away. 

Since I have stopped taking the amitriptyline, I’ve rediscovered emotion.  That sounds a bit odd, but bear in mind that amitriptyline is an anti-depressant as well as a painkiller.  And like all other anti-depressants (at least the ones I’ve taken) they don’t make you happy, they just strip away feelings. 

Unfortunately, as well as the good feelings, I’ve got an excess of all emotions going on – yesterday I almost had a tantrum because the data I was working with didn’t add up as I expected it to! 

On the whole though, I think it’s a big improvement and I’m already happier.  Once I’ve settled back down properly I’m sure it’ll be good. 

That said, I still have pain, even more since stopping the extra drugs, but I’ll live with that. 

Another positive is a rediscovery of my knitting inspiration.  I want to finish the socks I’m working on now, buy some yarn for a cardigan, re-start an entrelac scarf which I ditched because I thought the back might be ugly (it deserves another chance), knit a small dog for my friend (whose dog has to be put down 😦 ) and…oh so much more. 

Also, I can drive!  At least in the mornings when I’m not on co-codamol from the minute I wake up.  I went to work in the office yesterday morning, for the first time in more than a week.  I lasted until 1pm, and wasn’t even grey-faced when I left!  Today of course I’m paying for it, but it’ll pass.  Remember the pacing from the pain clinic?!

Anyway, back to work – which I’m even enjoying – photo Saturday as usual tomorrow.

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