Photo Saturday

I hadn’t realised how important emotion is in my life.  I just read back through the post I wrote yesterday, and it is astonishing how different I feel now, compared to say a week ago. 

Yesterday I made a comment about enjoying work, and I gave that a lot of thought yesterday.  I do enjoy work, especially when there is so much to do, and I’m the one who knows how to do it…I’m busy and driven and..yes, I enjoy it. 

That is such a difference to a week ago.  I was still as busy, had as many deadlines and problems with the data as I do this week, but I just couldn’t quite care.  I plodded through the day and finished as early as I reasonably could. 

Of course, all that aside, I’d retire tomorrow if I could (come on, lottery win!). 

Anyway, I promised photos and here they are…nothing exciting, but some knitting stuff as usual:

That is the progress on my made-up socks.  Not much really, for a week, but I’m working on both at once (magic loop) so they should be done in a day or two. 

This is the yarn I bought yesterday to make myself a cardigan:

I’m excited about starting it, but holding back until I’ve finished the socks.

That’s it though, just two photos.  Hopefully by next week I’ll have finished the socks, started the cardi, cast on a  new pair of socks and maybe even made a small dog for my friend.  She made the final decision yesterday, and was having her dog put down last night.  So I’m sending a big swirl of thought karma her way this weekend.  I’m also sending a big old swoosh of karma to my friend D, who needs it too at the moment.  I only wish I could help in some way. 

Last night turned a bit manic on us.  We went to Gorse Hill after work (A actively encouraged me to buy yarn, I wonder what he wants?), then strolled over to Sainsbury’s, taking the scenic route through the River Ray Parkway.  It was a lovely walk.  We got a few bits of shopping, but not much, had a drink in the cafe and strolled home again.  On the way back we got picked up by my Dad, who was on his way round to deliver some baby albums and scrapbooks which he found when clearing out at his house.  He wanted them out of his soon-to-be-ex-wife’s reach.  He stayed for a while. 

Then we realised we had just 45 mins to make and eat dinner before our Sainsbury’s delivery arrived.  It seems odd that we went shopping there when we were getting stuff delivered anyway, but it makes sense really.  We order online once every 4 weeks, when A gets paid.  That stocks up the freezer and the tins and non-perishables.  Then in between deliveries we just get fresh stuff like bread, milk, cheese – the sort of thing you want to pick out for yourself and check the date on. 

So we considered take-away, but had already defrosted a plate full of prawns.  A came up with a master-plan to just warm them through in a pan with some mushrooms, then chuck them on a plate with chips and curry sauce from the chip shop.  Voila – easy prawn and mushroom curry!  Of course, we had no cash.  So A plodded off to the cashpoint 5 minutes away, intending to get the chips and curry sauce on the way back, while I started preparing the prawns and mushrooms.  The cashpoint was out of cash.  So A came home and we considered our options.  There was no time to get to the next nearest cashpoint, prepare dinner and eat it before the shopping delivery.  So bizarrely, on payday when we should have most money, we scrabbled around trying to come up with just £2.60 to buy dinner! 

We managed it in the end, but 5 minutes after we sat down to eat, and 15 minutes before we expected them, the Sainsbury’s van pulled up outside!

Dinner went cold while we unloaded the shopping, but by that time we were both so tired we didn’t care.  It was only 8pm but we seriously considered going straight to bed.  Instead we had to stay up to watch the new episode of NCIS on FX…how could we miss it?!

Tonight our friends Alan and Kat are coming round for dinner and a good natter.  We’re taking the lazy option and ordering pizza, especially as one of the big pizza chains put a leaflet through our door which gives us 50% discount when we spend £30 or more.  And we had the foresight to include a big box of lager in the shopping delivery.  Hooray!


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