A wierd week.

It’s been an odd one.  I’ve had a stomach bug for most of it, feeling rubbish and tired and with much-worse-than-usual pain.  I worked in the office Monday morning, then at home until Weds afternoon when I gave up, feeling grotty and miserable. 

Weds was our niece’s first birthday, so we’d arranged to go out for dinner with A’s immediate family.  It wasn’t quite the cheerful occasion it should have been though, because it turned out A’s uncle died on Weds morning, unexpectedly, in his sleep.  Understandably, A’s Mum didn’t feel much like celebrating.  I felt thoroughly unwell anyway, and everyone was a bit subdued. 

We caught up with A’s Mum again yesterday, and she was much more cheerful.  Hopefully we’ll find time to see her over this weekend, maybe tomorrow. 

Apart from that, there isn’t really much to say.  No hospital appointment.  No work news.  nowt much really.

I’ve been pottering in the garden again.  We got some more compost yesterday, and a packet of teazel seeds, so I dragged some more pots out of the shed and got planting again. 

There are three pots, all approx this size, in different spots around the garden.  We’ll see if they grow! 

The window-box-herbs are still doing well – the basil seedlings are growing fast, there are now a few parsley seedlings, but still only 3 or 4 chives.  I’m a bit concerned about drainage, as there are no holes in the container and I didn’t think to add gravel when I had chance.  I’m planning to move them into a much bigger pot, with better drainage. 

The wild flower pots are doing well, growing fast.  Sadly, they seem to have a fight on against slugs and/or snails, but in our natural garden, that’s their battle, not mine. 

The pot I planted with dill is doing well, lots of little plants peeping out over the past few days.  And a few lavender plants are coming through too.  Only the mint is still missing from last week’s pots, but I’m sure it will get there. 

It’s kind of soothing to have that evening watering routine.  For now, at least. 

Knitting is still a bit dull, and not worth the photos…the stripey cardi is plodding along, it has a back, two fronts and two partial sleeves (which are rather boring).  The entrelac scarf is also plodding at the moment.  It’s good switch-off knitting, but not very exciting. 

This coming week…we’re off to a friend’s for the evening tonight.  Then catching up with A’s Mum tomorrow.  Then work next week.


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