Garden Photos again

After last week’s ‘happy happy garden’ post I got a big shock.  When A got home from work, we both went back to bed for a nap, forecasting a long evening at a friend’s party.  On waking up, I pondered out to water my pots and found the lavender pot, with it’s 6 or 8 tiny seedlings, dug over by the neighbourhood cats!  I was furious.  We went out, got back late as predicted, got up late Sunday morning and found one of the other pots dug over too. 

This is one of the suspects…

He’s cute, but not that cute.  He’s also one of the range of 5 regulars who now appear in our garden whenever A tops up the bird feeders.  Damn cats. 

Speaking of bird feeders, our tallies are now getting impressive – and these are those we have seen in our tiny garden, and mostly feeding:

Sparrow – 1

Pigeon – 6

Crow – 1

Blackbird – 2

Magpie – 1

Yay!  That ‘s much better. 

Now I think of it, I forgot to mention a brilliant sighting a couple of weeks ago, when I went to the open air service at Oxford Crematorium with my Mum.  We were folding the chairs and wandering back to the car, when Mum looked up and asked what that bird was, the big one flying low overhead.  It was only a red kite!  They were pretty much extinct in this country, but have made a bit of a comeback.  It’s the first time I’ve ever seen one, and it was so close!  We both stood staring, absolutely gobsmacked.  It was just drifting around over the treetops, eventually disappearing behind the trees with a weird kind of screech.  Wow!

Anyway, back to the garden.  My window-box herbs are still doing well, even though I haven’t yet got round to moving them to t heir new, bigger pot:

See that basil bursting out of there?  It’s smelling fantastic now too. 

That’s the smallest of my bee-flower pots.  The plants are coming up well, still struggling with slugs and snails and goodness knows what else.  The bit of broken protractor on the floor next to the pot is my slug extraction tool.  Well, I’m not touching the slimy little beasties! 

This last picture is the dill pot.  The plants are coming up thick and fast, despite the sprinkling of peanuts donated by the birds on the feeder!  Still no mint, but we’ll see. 

So, what else has been going on this week?  Yesterday was A’s Uncle’s funeral.  It was sad, as expected, and A’s Mum was clearly devastated.  But that’s what funerals are for I guess, and at least she had a chance to get some of that grief out into the open.  I hope she feels better. 

No knitting group this week, but hopefully we’ll get together soon.  In other knitting news, well there is no news really.  It’s still plod plod plod with the cardigan – still on the sleeves.  And for light relief I do a few rows on the scarf. 

I’m thinking I really need a smaller project, maybe socks, to give me short term satisfaction.  The risk is, if I’ve got something more interesting on the go, I’ll give the other stuff up completely.  I can tell myself that knitting should be fun. I should be enjoying it, so I should give up on the stuff I’m bored of…but I really want the cardi and I’m loving the way the scarf looks, they are just taking so long to finish! 

So, this week coming…hmmm, not much to say really.  Nope, can’t think of anything but work.  Exciting!


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