No photos this week

Sorry, I’m just too lazy…can’t even think of anything interesting to take pictures of.  How rubbish is that?!

This week has been a long one.  But at the same time, good grief it’s Saturday again already!  How does time do that?  Run fast and slow at the same time?  I find myself wishing the working week away, but also frightened about how quickly my life is passing.  Contradictory, huh?  It’s so strange, I’m 34 already, how did that happen?! 

Anyway…what has happened this week?  Work, of course, goes without saying.  I did have a bad day early in the week, when everything seemed difficult, starting with waking up in pain.  Followed by a glance out of the bedroom window, which revealed one of next door’s cats squatting over my pot of dill!  I threw open the window and screeched at the little darling, scaring him off but dropping the key from the window lock down onto the kitchen roof in the process!  D’oh!  I considered climbing out onto the roof, but decided against it as I was in my ‘jamas and A was out at work.  It would not have been a wise choice. 

I ended up digging through craft supplies and random cupboards, and created a key retrieval device by putting double-sided sticky pads on the end of a dowel rod and leaning out of the window as far as I could.  A bit odd, but hey, it worked! 

The last week has been a scorcher, weather-wise.  Temperatures have been so high I’ve really been struggling.  Even the over-active air conditioning in the office can’t keep up.  The worst result for me, is that my already low blood pressure has dropped further.  Every time I stand up, I have to grab hold of something until the dizziness passes, and I’ve been very careful not to stand up too quickly or I’d be certain to faint.  To counteract this, I have to eat frequently…which is not helping with my weight-loss plans.

Hang on, I haven’t talked about that, have I?  Hmm, well…confession time.  I’m very overweight.  I don’t look as overweight as I actually am, but it’s there alright.  As I’m reminded every time I go near the scales, or even try to wear the clothes that fitted just a year ago.  I can blame the illness/pain thing, and that’s what I’ve been doing so far.  To some extent that’s reasonable as a lot of the drugs I take daily cause weight gain, bloating and water retention. 


I also have to take some responsibility for it myself.  I have been comfort eating.  I’m so miserable, so much of the time, so I eat to feel better.  Except that eating junk food makes me more bloated and lethargic, and I feel guilty because I know I shouldn’t do it, so I end up feeling more miserable.  So I eat some more junk.  I’m sure you see the problem. 

I have finally decided it is time to do something about it.  Some lovely people on Ravelry have started a weight loss group, with the intention of supporting each other, so I’ve joined.  Every week that I lose weight (or stay the same), I get to put money in the guilt-free yarn jar.  Every week I gain weight, I pick a forfeit from the forfeit jar.  Both jars are virtual, as we rarely have any cash and I can easily keep a forfeit list and roll a dice to select one. 

This week I lost 4lbs.  I’m so happy!  I feel better for not eating the junk, although some is still allowed.  I can’t follow a ‘diet’, I just won’t stick to it, so I’m doing this my own way.  I can eat 3 sensible meals a day – anything I want, in reasonable portions, with just a thought or two about fat, sugar etc.  I can eat some chocolate, but not a lot.  Occasional takeaway is ok, but no more than once a week and not too extravagant. 

The main differences are cutting out crisps and changing my approach to fruit. 

Oh how I miss crisps.  I crave them at least once every day, but I have now gone more than 2 weeks with none.  Not one.  Despite occasions like parties where they are placed in front of me.  I just don’t have the willpower for one crisp.  I buy a bag…always a big bag…and once it is open it doesn’t last more than one sitting.  Crisps, I love you, but at the end of the day you’re bad for me and you have to go. 

As far as fruit goes, I can eat as much as I like.  In fact I’m trying hard to make it my snack of choice every time.  The difference is I’m eating a small amount more often, rather than a big old plate full all at once.  Someone told me that to consume  more than one or two pieces of fruit at a time is actually bad for you.  Your body is overwhelmed by the quantity of sugar and processes it into fat.  They were actually talking about smoothies and juice drinks, and I have no idea whether it’s true, or urban myth, or even unproved theory.  I decided it makes some sort of sense though, and I need something when the crisp craving takes hold, so I’m breaking the fruit up into smaller portions more often.  It’s worth a try. 

Anyway, on to garden news…I transplanted my window-box herbs into their new, bigger home.  The basil plants are still flourishing – I’ve even been able to pick a few leaves off and use them while cooking!  The parsley isn’t so happy, but seems to be making a come-back.  I planted a few more chives in the newly-emptied container, as only 3 grew last time.  So far, one seedling has come up, but it certainly isn’t a chive!  In fact it looks suspiciously like more basil.  Oh well, I do love basil.  Just the scent of it makes me smile. 

The garden pots are doing well, too.  The dill is looking dill-like, growing fast and not at all affected by the near-disaster of the cat variety.  The lavender has recovered from it’s digging over, and there are now a good 5 or 6 seedlings growing well – starting to look and smell like lavender too.  Unfortunately, because the lavender is so obviously lavender, it is now clear that there are as many seedlings in the pot that are not lavender.  I’m too soft to pull them out…it’s a big pot…just gonna see what they turn into. 

This weekend the apricot stones I tucked away in the fridge should be ready to pot.  Apparently they need 4 weeks of cold, damp conditions before planting.  This makes them think it has been winter and now they are warmer they should start to grow.  I’ll put them in pots in the lean-to, where it is warmest, and see how they get on.  Although…if they all grow…A pointed out that our tiny garden is barely big enough for the cherry tree that dominates it.  Where on earth are we going to put 4 apricot trees?!

In knitting news, the cardigan is finally coming together.  I’ve done all the separate pieces.  Now I’m working on the button bands and then I just have to sew it together and get some buttons.  It’s nearly there!  The scarf has made little progress as I’ve been absorbed in the cardi completely, now the end is in sight. 

Next I need to think about baby things – several are due, and I’ve done nothing for them. 

Finally, in the coming week…Alan and Kat are having a barbecue on Friday, which should be fun.  We have a team meeting on Tuesday, in Bristol, after which the boss-man is taking us all out for lunch.  I will have to start the ‘phoning the hospital every day’ campaign again – still no news about my op, even though I was told early July.  Apart from that, life as usual (I hope!).


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