A quick update

Sorry, I don’t have much time for this today, got too many chores to get on with.  Somehow everything has piled up all at once and I just can’t put it off any more. 

This week has been a bad one.  I’ve had worse pain than usual, missing the team meeting in Bristol on Tuesday and only going in to the office twice.  I’ve gained 1 lb, instead of losing weight, so  I have to do a forfeit.  This week’s punishment is to clear the backlog of shredding in the cupboard.  The kitchen is full of washing up, as we didn’t have time to clear it last night before we went out.  There’s clean washing sat in the washing machine, which needs drying somehow.  There’s dirty washing piled up on the bedroom floor, waiting to be washed.  It’s raining, so no chance of using the washing line to dry stuff. 

Plus, I have decided to move my docking station, office chair and other work stuff up to the library.  This means cleaning our stuff off the old desktop and getting rid of it, then clearing the desk to make space for my monster of a docking station.  The advantage will be that it will then remain in place and ready for use whenever I need it.  Plus the dining room will be free of it.  At the moment, the docking station gets loaded onto the office chair and pushed to one side when it isn’t in use, then moved back onto the table when I need it.  I’m not sure the desk in the library is wide enough, but I’ll find out later. 

Oh, and I have some work to do, to catch up on hours I’ve been missing through illness, pain etc. 

What else?  I planted my apricot stones last weekend.  Turns out there were 3 of them, not 4 as I thought.  They had already sprouted slightly in the fridge though, which I found so amazing.  The pots have been sitting in the lean-to for a week, growing nothing visible but tiny little mushrooms (must have been spores in the compost)…but then, this morning when I got up…there’s one baby tree!  Hooray!

In knitting news, I finally finished my cardigan:

It has no buttons yet, but I’ll get some soon.  In the meantime, I have worn it every day since finishing it, even without buttons!

I’ve started now on baby socks, using odd bits of leftover sock yarn.  More details another day. 

That’s it then, I’d better go get on with chores, might post an update another day.


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