Another week gone?

I can’t believe it’s Saturday again already.  I’ve had a much better week, getting in to the office 3 times, working all day every day and even going to the library to knit for the first time in weeks. 

It was lovely to get to the library and catch up, I’ve missed it.  Knitting has really been happening this week in fact.  I finished a pair of tiny baby socks and a little bunny for my colleague’s new baby girl:

The socks are baby ‘Monkeys’ – a massively popular Cookie A pattern, converted to baby size by another talented Raveler.  The bunny is made from a single square of knitted fabric, ingeniously sewn up in the right places to make the cutest little rabbit ever (apart from my bunny-dog of course).  I tucked a tiny bell into the bunny’s head before I sewed it up, so he very faintly jingles.  Soooo cute.

I’ve been working away at my entrelac scarf too, as it’s good mindless knitting now I’ve got the hang of it.  I’ve almost finished the first of two balls of yarn and I’m thinking I won’t need all of it…maybe a hat or gloves to match if there’s enough left?

Finally, in knitting news anyway, I’ve started a shawl.  I have a recurring need to knit a shawl.  I did it once loved the end result, but have only used it once.  That was a reasonably thick w00l, which made a lovely warm shawl.  The one in my head more recently is much lighter, lacier, fancier.  I’ve got some cobweb weight wool from Violet Green, which should be perfect…if a bit scarily delicate.  I chose a pattern, spent two evenings (!) winding the yarn into centre-pull balls, cast on and hated it. 

I have given the pattern more thought and have settled on a circular shawl this time.  I started it, got to about the 24th round, then realised I had dropped a stitch and had a big hole.  So last night I restarted again.  There isn’t much of anything to take pictures of as yet, but as soon as there is…I’ll post again.

Other than knitting, I don’t think there’s much news.  Still no surgery date.  No garden news.  No weight loss (or gain). 

Next week it’s just work as usual.  Except Friday is payday…and we’re getting a bonus 🙂 .  It’s already allocated to various bills and other commitments, but we do get to book our holiday for October with it.


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