Photo Saturday returns!

Wow, there’s lots to tell this week…knitting, garden and surgery news.  It has been a hard week though, lots of pain, only two mornings in the office, no attempt to go to knitting in the library.  There has been a shocker of a letter from the hospital, a big disappointment from family and seemingly endless rain.  Still, it’s Saturday now, it’s sunny and even though I’m tired I don’t feel too bad. 

So, starting with knitting…I sent the baby socks and bunny to David in Bristol, for his new baby Anna.  He got them on his return to work on Weds and by Friday I already had a thank you card!  He seemed impressed by the bunny – once he’d worked out which way up it should go…and what it was! 

I’ve been plodding away at my entrelac scarf for what seems like months, and I suppose is months in reality.  It ahs finally made it to a length I’m happy with, with about 3/4 of a ball of yarn left.   I think I’m going to break off the yarn but leave the scarf stitches live, then make a hat and gloves to match.  I don’t expect there’ll be enough yarn left for both hat and gloves, and it’s a bit garish anyway, so I’m thinking of matching it to another ball of sock yarn, of a similar weight and creating something that uses both.  Maybe a stripe of the Apple Hill craziness?  Even a stripe of entrelac squares…who knows, I’ll get creative and see what happens. 

Anyway, here is the scarf in all it’s lovely longness (bear in mind it isn’t blocked):

Bright, huh?

I’ve also been working on the cobweb shawl I started and restarted last week.  It’s lovely, so delicate, but does take a lot of concentration.  This makes it slow going, especially as I have to put it away as soon as I get too tired, or something on the television catches my attention.  This photo doesn’t show it off very well – it’s really hard to stretch out to show the pattern, and the colours don’t quite look right either.  Still, I’m pleased so far:

The shiny white threads are dental floss lifelines, there to ensure I don’t have to start again if I do lose concentration. 

The final knitting news is that I finally got the buttons for my stripy cardigan:

I’ve worn it so much already, because it’s so comfy and warm.  It’s a surprisingly good fit, too, and it’s only because it isn’t black that A hasn’t stolen it as yet.  Guess what my next big project will be?!

Now, on to the garden.  Lots of growth, a few pretty flowers, herbs everywhere and an apricot tree! 

First, a pot of dill and a window box of parsley, chives and basil:


Next, lavender and pots of flowers:


Crazy teasels – there are three pots of these:

And finally, my pride and joy…an apricot tree:

Okay, so not so much a tree as an almost-not-there-seedling.  But it’s so cool, I grew it myself, from a stone!  The other two planted at the same time didn’t come to anything, but we really don’t have space for one apricot tree, never mind three! 

Apart from all of that flourishment, my Dad came round with a miniature sunflower, which I’ve discovered is very very attractive to snails.  The leaves are systematically being stripped bare, but the brave little thing continues to flower anyway.  The birds are constantly now in the garden, pigeons mainly, but still some other visitors from time to time.  One day last week, I got home from work at lunchtime and spotted a juvenile blackbird and a cheeky sparrow sat on the fence watching me.  As soon as I got out of the car they scarpered, but it was fantastic to see them there.  The pigeons have now got very brave, flapping down to the feeder even when we are in the garden! 

And…so exciting…while I was sat out in the garden last weekend, I saw a leaf-cutter bee!  It was cutting leaves!  Of course it was, that’s why they’re named that, right?  But in a garden that I thought was devoid of life not so long ago, to see something so interesting is such a reward for the work we’ve been putting in this year, and more than repays our insistence on not using chemicals as fertiliser, weedkiller or pesticide.  Slugs and snails we have aplenty, but I’ll live with that for the sake of the leaf-cutter bees 🙂

On to slightly less happy stuff, I got a letter from the hospital this week.  As requested by me (?!), I have been taken off the surgery waiting list!  I phoned them immediately and for once got a reply.  The end result is that the admissions officer is trying to squeeze me in to the August surgery list, and I should get a letter over the next few days.  Apparently I’m a difficult case to fit in because I need a two hour slot and an assistant as well as a surgeon.  As far as I’m concerned that should be their problem, not mine, and it’s wrong that I’m left to suffer for it.  I’m seriously approaching the point of complaining. 

Right, I think that’s enough for today.  In the coming week there’s work as usual.  Apart from a big meeting on Tuesday morning and a trip to Plymouth later in the week. That includes a serious, potentially difficult meeting, but also a chance to catch up with Theresa over lunch and potentially dinner.  And of course, there’s that letter from the hospital to look forward to 😉

Now I’d better go get some washing done, before the rain starts again.


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