Mid-week update

As I didn’t say much on Saturday, I thought I’d add a quick mid-week note to catch up on all the stuff I couldn’t get my head around. 

I’m knitting away on my lace shawl.  It’s really coming along, but still takes too much concentration to do more than a couple of rounds each evening. 

I bought some lovely 4 ply alpaca from a local shop, to make a hat and gloves to match my entrelac scarf.  I’ve settled on a plain hat/gloves with entrelac brim/cuffs to match the scarf.  The hat is nearly done and looking good.

Next, A wants me to make him a cardigan/jacket type thing.  It has to be black, and he has a pattern in mind.  I’ve found a suitable yarn and ordered it from Get Knitted.  It should hopefully be here in time for my time off sick, which implies that…yes, miracles do happen…I have a surgery date!

I’m going in on 25th August, just 3 weeks away.  I only found out late yesterday, and only then because I phoned the hospital’s Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) to complain, for the second time.  Still, at least I can start planning around it.  We’ve already booked our October holiday on the basis that I should  be better by then. 

Now, what else…oh yes, in the garden everything is coming along nicely.  Some of my wildflowers are actually flowering, which is so good to see.  A second apricot seedling has popped up and is rapidly catching up to the first one.  And the neighbour’s cats have been having a butterfly killing spree.  We went out on Monday to find 3 cabbage whites in pieces on the path.  I’m no fan of the hairy creepy little bugs, but such wanton slaughter seems somewhat harsh. 

Last Thursday I went to Plymouth for work, which gave me loads of knitting time on the train.  I stayed overnight in a hotel in the city centre, meeting up with my friend and colleague T, and her partner, for dinner.  We went to an amazing Italian restaurant, where I managed to order the creamiest pasta dish on the menu – I’m not surprised I’ve lost no weight this week, I’m just amazed I haven’t gained any. 

The work meeting I went to Plymouth for went well, then T and I went shopping at lunchtime to buy some goodies for our team meeting this week.  As I was thinking of heading back for the train though, I got the message from my Dad about my Grandfather, so that was a really hard journey home.  T did offer to drive me all the way here, but I figured I’d be all right. 

I spent the weekend trying to get my head back together, and suffering extra pain from all the travelling and stress, but I took Monday off to rest a bit more. 

Yesterday I went to Bristol for the monthly team meeting, then today I made it to knitting in the library. 

Tomorrow is my Grandfather’s funeral, then somehow we’re back to Friday again!  Work is really getting busy now, as we start into the new academic year, and it’ll only get busier from now until xmas.  Still, I don’t like to be bored 🙂

Anyway, I’d better get back to work…photos as usual on Saturday.


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