A down day, then a better one

I was really low yesterday.  I think it was just a building up of pressure over the last few weeks (months?), followed by several release points.  For some reason I cope with stress and pressure at the time, but as soon as it is lifted I go to pieces.  I spent the morning crying over nothing, just spontaneously bursting into tears at random intervals.  Then all afternoon I could barely speak. 

Luckily, the boss-man told me to take an extra day off as compassionate leave so I didn’t have to worry about work.  And A knows to let it take its course and I’ll shake it off eventually.  By evening I felt a bit better and started to talk about it, then we got out for a good long walk. 

Today, I’m fine.  I’m tired and achy, but that’s not unusual. 

So, I promised photos…this week it’s all about the knitting:

That’s the pretty blue alpaca I bought from the yarn shop in Gorse Hill…

and that’s the almost-finished hat with entrelac brim I’m making with it.  There are about 2 rows of entrelac to finish, then it will need blocking.  I could have finished it last night, in fact I fully intended to, but then I got caught up in the lovely lovely cobweb weight shawl I’m still working away at:

Those little stitch markers are a lifesaver (shawlsaver?), as they clearly define the edges of each section and I can see fairly fast if I’ve made a mistake.  I didn’t have any small enough, so I found some wire in my craft cupboard, dismantled several bracelets and necklaces and made my own.  The wire isn’t the right sort as it’s far too flexible, but it works for now. 

Finally, below are a couple of new pretties bought in the last week:


The black one is a sample of the black chunky stuff I’ve ordered for A’s jacket.  I bought just one ball from a local shop, and knit up a few test squares to decide whether it would work in the pattern.  I think it will, so the other 20 balls are on order. 

The purple is a skein of Cascade 220, which I ordered for no good reason, really.  I already have a skein in an orange-yellow colour, and I just feel the need to buy this stuff.  I think maybe I’ll make a thick, stripy laptop cover one day when I have enough colours.  Or something.  Who knows?!

I think that’s all the news…this week I’ve got a 1:1 with the boss-man at work.  We have to discuss what of my work will need covering while I’m off after surgery.  That’s only just over 2 weeks away! 

Apart from that, I don’t think there’s much on really.  For which I’m grateful.


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