After a long, slow week…a frighteningly fast one!

So, now it’s all about the op.  It’s in 3 days now, and it’s hard to think about anything else.  I’m scared.  But I also want it over with so I can feel well and get on with my life again. 

I become so used to this restricted lifestyle that I find it hard to imagine a ‘normal’ one.  From previous experience, I know I’ll spend a week or two after the surgery feeling grotty and tired, but then I’ll start wanting to do stuff.  All the stuff.  All the things I’ve been unable to do for the last 18 months will be possible again.  I can drive, without thinking about how many painkillers I’ve taken in the previous 24-36 hours.  I can walk for more than 30 minutes without having to sit down for a while.  I won’t have to plan my time off work around what I have to do for work in the coming week.  It’s hard to believe in, but it’s what will keep me going for the next few days of worry and the following few days of feeling terrible. 

Anyway, this week has flown by.  I got all the work stuff done, handed over to the boss-man as planned and finished yesterday until further notice.  I’m planning to be back within 3 weeks…the boss-man has a contingency plan which covers my work until about December!  We’ll see who is more stubborn 😉

We had a good day on Tuesday – the cheque from A’s uncle cleared and we were able to pay off our loan.  We both got a mad adrenaline rush and danced round the house for a while, it was so unexpectedly exciting.  It feels so good to not have that hanging over us anymore.  We should never have borrowed it in the first place, but it paid for our wedding, my driving lessons and loads more things we wouldn’t have been able to do without it.  We haven’t borrowed for years now, apart from occasional additions to the credit card, so we’re improving at least. 

After paying the loan off, we moved the start of our cruise fund to a savings account and diverted the monthly direct debits from the loan company to the cruise fund account.  We’ll have enough to book by the end of December, or February if we treat ourselves to an outside cabin with a window. 

And even after all of that sensibleness, there was a little left over for treating ourselves.  A bought clothes, which always makes him happy.  I splashed out on a couple of knitting books, 3 CD’s and a skein of sock yarn form The Knitting Goddess.  I was looking for something pretty to take into hospital with me, thinking that when I’m waiting for surgery and nervous, and when I’m recovering but still in a daze, I’ll need something really simple to knit.  The answer is obvious – socks!  I can make them without a pattern now, and haven’t knitted any for a while.  This yarn is so pretty it’ll keep me interested:

That leads nicely into knitting news.  The shawl is still growing slowly.  It is now so big it fits the circular needle without magic loop.  Hopefully it won’t grow too big for the needle, as I don’t have a longer one! 

I’m also still working away at the alpaca/entrelac gloves, which I really wish were already finished.  I hated how they were going, really didn’t enjoy the pattern so last weekend I frogged them and started again.  This time I’m making them from the fingers down.  Goodness knows how, but it seems to work!  I couldn’t find a pattern to do it that way, so I’ve made it up and kind of like it.  I’ve done one glove to the cuff, and I’m now working my way through the fingers of the second glove.  Both will need the entrelac cuff adding afterwards. 

A is still nagging about his jacket – I had planned to get to it after the shawl, but I might be persuaded to start it sooner. 

I don’t suppose there’s much more to say for now – except please spare me a thought on Tuesday afternoon, and I’ll be back soon (fingers crossed).


3 Responses to “After a long, slow week…a frighteningly fast one!”

  1. Jennie Says:

    What a gorgeous colour -does the yarn feel as good as it looks? Good luck with the op, hope that all goes according to plan.

  2. uncoolhelen Says:

    Hi Jennie, thanks for your good wishes. The yarn is even better than it looks, I’m impressed by how soft it is. I’ll definitely be ordering more from The Knitting Goddess.

  3. Judith Says:

    You can easily use more than 1 circular needle on your shawl, I often use 3 or more, just think of them as large DPN’s. Good luck with the op.

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