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A late update – with photos

September 26, 2009

Somehow during the course of today, I have managed to do a load of housework, cook dinner, walk to the supermarket and back (at least 45 mins each way) and still complete the tiny baby hat I was knitting to go with the tiny cardigan. 

If I have time, after making a bear, I’ll make a magic bunny to go with them as a gift from me.  The yarn for the cardi and hat is Snuggly 4ply from Sirdar, and it’s amazingly soft.  It was a close run thing though as I had just one 50g ball to work with and I ended up with less than 6 inches of it left! 

The walk to Sainsbury’s was nice, as we took the scenic route through the River Ray Parkway and even detoured down the bridle path for a short way.  We were glad we did, as we heard and then saw a buzzard ‘pew’-ing and soaring over the treetops before diving down out of sight.  They make such a delicate noise for such a big bird of prey.  Then we spotted a cormorant flying over head, circling round and eventually meeting up with a second cormorant.  The two of them continued circling, really close together and occasionally even touching.  I don’t have a clue what they were doing, but it was still interesting to watch.

It turned out though, that I’m not as well healed as I thought…I’ve had pain running from the surgery scars right through to the old pain sites ever since the walk home.  Oh well, I guess it just takes time.


Saturday already?

September 26, 2009

It has been another busy week.  This working in the office business is high pressure, you know!  Actually, it’s not exactly pressured, just really, really long days which get boring pretty fast.  Still, at least I can work full time again without struggling.  And I’ve got more energy than a week ago – I’ve cooked dinner most days this week, without feeling exhausted immediately afterwards. 

So, apart from work, this week has been a mixed one.  I had a hospital appointment on Weds morning, in which I was told I have irritable bowel syndrome as well as the endometriosis I already knew about.  Hoorah!  They aren’t prepared to do anything about it until after xmas, because apparently I can’t be considered to be healed from the surgery for another 2 months at least.  It turns out, now I’ve done a little research, that I’m eligible for disability status, due to the severe and on-going pain.  Seems weird really. 

Also on Weds, I made it to knitting in the library, after missing it last week.  It was a busy meet-up this week – most of our regulars got there, and a new lady, Sue, who wants to come regularly and may bring along some colleagues as well.  Sue works in the offices above the library, so it’s really convenient for her. 

In other knitting news, well, not much really.  Due to limited time and stupid mistakes (the sleeves took no less than 3 attempts!), I’ve only just about finished the tiny little cardigan I had started last week:

It’s so small, it seems impossible that it could fit – every time he looks at it A is astonished all over again at how tiny this baby really is.  I know what he means.  I’ve decided to make a hat to go with it, which should hopefully only take a day or two.  Then I’ll move on to my step-dad’s birthday bear. 

It looks like A’s jacket will have to wait until we get back from holiday. 

Speaking of holiday, I can’t quite decide what to take away with me, knitting-wise.  I have the everlasting shawl and A’s jacket in progress.  But the jacket is already bulky and will take up valuable space in the car.  The shawl is a possible, but I can only work on it when I can concentrate and there’s a good chance I’ll be too tired after days out and exciting adventures.  Looks like I’ll have to cast on something new.  More socks maybe? 😉

This coming week, I have a meeting with the boss-man and not a lot else planned really.  Work is hectic, as it’s my main report development time of year, but I’m on top of it for now, I just have to keep up the pace for a while.

Anyway, I’m off to get some housework done – a definite down-side to feeling so much better!

A quick Saturday catch-up

September 19, 2009

I don’t have much time today, so this will be even briefer than usual.  I have a thousand and one household chores to do, plus 2 very short deadline knitting projects to get on with. 

I’m back at work full-time now, kind of enjoying it, but frustrated at how little time there seems to be by the time I’ve been at work all day, endured rush-hour traffic on the drive home, cooked and eaten dinner and then washed up afterwards.  It didn’t help that this week we’ve been round to see A’s Mum twice (helping her to install a new phone) and my Mum once (it was her birthday yesterday).  Being able to drive in the evening can be a burden as well as a bonus!  At least once this week we didn’t even get out for a walk. 

Anyway, on to the good stuff…although it’s not that good…there hasn’t really been much knitting time either, and I’ve been too tired to do anything complicated.  I’ve only done a round or two on the shawl in the last couple of weeks.  Maybe I’ll take it on holiday with me and make some progress then.  A’s cardi is coming along.  It now has nearly-sleeves, just coming up to the point where the sleeves join the body.  Sadly, it’s back on hold again. 

I finished these little pretties:

They will be in the post to New Zealand as soon as we get our act together. 

I had just returned to the cardi, when I was approached by a friend at work for help with premature baby cardigans.  Her granddaughter was born 11 weeks early, and has already survived 7 weeks in an incubator.  Marriella is now doing so well that she is allowed short cuddles out of the incubator, provided she is wrapped up warmly enough.  Enter Grandma’s plan for tiny little cardigans.  Marriella is only 4lbs at this point and measures just 10 inches around her chest.  I can’t even imagine a baby that tiny, it’s amazing she can survive, let alone thrive as she is so far.  So I’m starting this:

Avril supplied both yarn and pattern, and I started last night.  It’s so small, it should knit up really fast. 

I was satisfied that I’d be back to A’s jacket really quickly, until we were at my Mum’s last night and I spotted a row of tiny teddies on the mantelpiece.  I remembered with a sinking feeling that I’d made them for my step-dad’s last two birthdays, and promised another bear and the rest of the picnic set (blanket, crockery, food etc) for this year.  His birthday is 2 weeks today.  Aaaarrrgghh! 

Oh well, as usual I’ll just get on with it and hope I have time for everything.  A really wants his jacket to take on holiday, but it looks like he’ll just have to wait!

Photo Saturday

September 12, 2009

So, back to work it is.  Or rather, I am.  After clearing e-mails on Weds, I went in to the office Thursday and Friday mornings.  And it was seriously hard, really tiring.  Maybe I’m not as completely recovered as I thought!  The good news is, my laptop is back and seems to be working this time.  This means I can start my new working pattern this coming week, working in the office three full days a week, and at home for two days.  The boss-man is coming to catch up on Monday, but apart from that it should be a quiet week (touch wood, cross fingers, insert other superstition here).

Boring work out of the way, on to knitting.  I haven’t done much since Wednesday’s update except start on these tiny pretties:

They are ‘Baby Monkeys’, for our friends Tim and Jenny’s new baby boy.  Montague (Monty) was born on Weds, so I started these Thursday…they’ll have a matching garter-square bunny, and will be sent off to New Zealand asap. 

For now, that means all other knitting is on hold.  I can give a quick update on A’s jacket though:

That’s the main body, folded in half, ready for sleeves.  The sleeves are on their way. 

Also, the photo I promised of my recovery socks:

I wore them for work on Thursday, and they were really comfortable.  Since washing, they have become even softer still – I’m really impressed with this yarn, especially as there is loads left! 

As of this week, I am pleased to announce that I have lost half a stone, since joining the ‘Knit not eat’ group on Ravelry and making an effort to eat better.  It helped that I lost 4 lbs over the 2 weeks of surgery and recovery, but I expected to put most of that back on so didn’t really count it.  I have only regained 1 lb though, so I’m doin’ a little happy dance.  It’s a good start and I’m determined to do even better.

I think that’s all the news for now.  I have washing and jam-making to get on with!

Back to work

September 9, 2009

I started back at work today.  It’s now not quite 4 o’clock, and technically I should still be at it, but I negotiated a ‘soft return’ with the boss-man so for a few days at least I do as much as I feel up to.  Today I have spent most of the day clearing my big backlog of e-mails, working on my personal laptop at home.  Unfortunately, my work laptop is with the technicians for a rebuild…again.  I left it with them before going off sick, but it has died again since they returned it to the office.  That means that tomorrow I’ll have to go into the office, either to collect the laptop if it’s back or to work for at least the morning on a desktop PC.  I only have to stay for as long as I feel up to it, but as I’ll be visible I won’t be able to disappear too quickly.  Still, I need to get back into it, there’s a lot to do and I’m off on holiday soon. 

In knitting news, I finished my recovery socks on Sunday night (photos on Saturday) which means I’m officially better I guess.  I’m still picking away at the shawl, just a round or two a day.  I have made loads of progress on A’s jacket though, finishing the body up to where the sleeves join and starting the sleeves.  Unfortunately, it gets complicated after the sleeves due to my casual disregard for the pattern and the stitch counts.  Ooops! 

Sometime over the next few days, I’m planning to make jam.  Apple and plum jam.  Bizarrely, I haven’t been able to blag any free jam jars from anyone – everyone I know seems to have just given theirs away.  So I’ve ordered some shiny new ones, which arrived this morning.  Mmmmm, jam.  I’ve got a glut of plums and apples from the Riverford fruit boxes over the last few weeks, I found a recipe in Mrs Beeton’s wonderful book and now all I need is a tonne or two of sugar.  Oh, and enough time 😉

Finally, browsing on Ravelry earlier, I stumbled across this amazing giveaway…goats!  I’d love to keep goats, especially ones I could get yarn from, but there’s no practical way I can, without some kind of massive lifestyle change (lottery win maybe?).  This farm have a fantastic way of selling their fibre and yarn – you buy shares!  It looks really good, and I’d be seriously tempted if I hadn’t already spent more than I can believe on yarn this year so far.  The blogs on the site are interesting reading too, sharing the ups and downs of the farm, and the livestock and people on it.  I haven’t dug very far into the older entries yet, but I think I’ve found a new favourite read.

Regular Saturday Round-up

September 5, 2009

I’m trying to get back into a routine, as I’m going back to work this week…probably Wednesday.  That means photos on Saturday, of course, although there aren’t many.  There isn’t much of anything to tell either really, as I’ve been sat around the house trying not to be bored for over a week now. 

That’s not quite true, I have been for a few outings.  On Tuesday, I went to see the nurse at my Dr’s surgery, to have stitches removed.  Two, she removed.  One, she missed.  One was done up so tightly she couldn’t reach it.  I went to knitting in the library on Weds, which was good.  Then I went back to the nurse on Thursday as I have infections in two of the three wounds.  Hoorah! 

The good news is, I’m off the painkillers…not even a paracetamol for 2 days now.  I’m waiting for the withdrawal.  There has to be some.  Both paracetamol and codeine are addictive to some extent and I’ve been taking both for nearly 18 months.  Perhaps I’ll be lucky.

Today, I’m getting my car back from my baby brother.  He has had it for the last 2 weeks as I couldn’t drive it anyway.  He used it to bring me home from hospital, but now I should be fine to drive again so I want it back.  I was looking forward to it, until this morning and now I don’t feel like it.  In a whingey, whiney kind of way.  I always feel like that about driving though.  Once I’m in the car I’ll be fine.

The main news of the week was the delivery of an enormous basket of flowers yesterday:

Pretty, aren’t they?  It took me a while to establish who they had come from, as the card included just said ‘Glad to hear from you, we’re all missing you you know’.  I decided it had to be my team at work, and indeed it was.  The main clues were the lack of names and the crazy punctuation…definitely the boss-man. 

The flowers are actually planted in the basket, and can be re-planted and kept.  That’s so much better than cut flowers.

Also included was a box of chocolates, which are were delicious.

In knitting news…the shawl is still growing, slowly.  I’m now on the final pattern repeat, with just(!) the border to add after the next 30 rounds or so.  My recovery socks are nearly done, I’m onto the foot of the second sock, should be done before I return to work – just the right timing. 

Finally, I gave in and started A’s jacket.  It is going to cause me some problems further on, as the smallest size was nowhere near small enough so I’ve reduced the number of stitches.  I should read ahead in the pattern to see what effect that will have, but I’m a coward.  I’ll deal with it when I get to it.

Don’t Panic!

September 2, 2009

While I was getting ready to go into hospital last Tuesday morning (how is that already over a week ago?), I went through the process of removing my jewellery.  I don’t wear much anyway, a watch, 2 rings, a necklace and a bracelet.  And a lot of earrings.  And a stud or ring through my lip. 

I know the drill, everything that can be removed must be removed, and I’m plenty capable of dealing with my own piercings as I used to work in a friend’s piercing studio.  Most of the ear piercings can be taped over and ignored, no problem.  But the lip stud must go. 

On Tuesday morning, to aggravate the nerves I was already suffering, I could not shift the lip stud.  It’s a labret stud, a flat disc on the inside of the lip, a post that goes through the piercing, and a small ball on the front which should simply unscrew.  It wouldn’t unscrew, totally jammed.  I’ve never had this problem before, and none of my usual tricks worked.  So I decided to talk to them in the hospital and see if they had any suggestions.

The nurses in the ward who asked me if it came out, decided it could probably be taped over.  The anaesthetist disagreed.  He disagreed so strongly that he refused to put me under for the op unless the lip stud was removed! 

One nurse scurried off to ask A&E if they had any ideas and/or equipment to deal with it.  Another contacted the facilities team to see if they could come up with a way of cutting it off! 

Just as one of them returned with a set of really wicked looking implements, I remembered one final trick…gloves.  Not the keep-your-hands-warm variety, but the disposable-latex-good-strong-grip type.  They had several boxes in the room, in various sizes, and readily supplied me with a few to try. 

It worked first go.  Disaster averted.