Don’t Panic!

While I was getting ready to go into hospital last Tuesday morning (how is that already over a week ago?), I went through the process of removing my jewellery.  I don’t wear much anyway, a watch, 2 rings, a necklace and a bracelet.  And a lot of earrings.  And a stud or ring through my lip. 

I know the drill, everything that can be removed must be removed, and I’m plenty capable of dealing with my own piercings as I used to work in a friend’s piercing studio.  Most of the ear piercings can be taped over and ignored, no problem.  But the lip stud must go. 

On Tuesday morning, to aggravate the nerves I was already suffering, I could not shift the lip stud.  It’s a labret stud, a flat disc on the inside of the lip, a post that goes through the piercing, and a small ball on the front which should simply unscrew.  It wouldn’t unscrew, totally jammed.  I’ve never had this problem before, and none of my usual tricks worked.  So I decided to talk to them in the hospital and see if they had any suggestions.

The nurses in the ward who asked me if it came out, decided it could probably be taped over.  The anaesthetist disagreed.  He disagreed so strongly that he refused to put me under for the op unless the lip stud was removed! 

One nurse scurried off to ask A&E if they had any ideas and/or equipment to deal with it.  Another contacted the facilities team to see if they could come up with a way of cutting it off! 

Just as one of them returned with a set of really wicked looking implements, I remembered one final trick…gloves.  Not the keep-your-hands-warm variety, but the disposable-latex-good-strong-grip type.  They had several boxes in the room, in various sizes, and readily supplied me with a few to try. 

It worked first go.  Disaster averted.


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