Regular Saturday Round-up

I’m trying to get back into a routine, as I’m going back to work this week…probably Wednesday.  That means photos on Saturday, of course, although there aren’t many.  There isn’t much of anything to tell either really, as I’ve been sat around the house trying not to be bored for over a week now. 

That’s not quite true, I have been for a few outings.  On Tuesday, I went to see the nurse at my Dr’s surgery, to have stitches removed.  Two, she removed.  One, she missed.  One was done up so tightly she couldn’t reach it.  I went to knitting in the library on Weds, which was good.  Then I went back to the nurse on Thursday as I have infections in two of the three wounds.  Hoorah! 

The good news is, I’m off the painkillers…not even a paracetamol for 2 days now.  I’m waiting for the withdrawal.  There has to be some.  Both paracetamol and codeine are addictive to some extent and I’ve been taking both for nearly 18 months.  Perhaps I’ll be lucky.

Today, I’m getting my car back from my baby brother.  He has had it for the last 2 weeks as I couldn’t drive it anyway.  He used it to bring me home from hospital, but now I should be fine to drive again so I want it back.  I was looking forward to it, until this morning and now I don’t feel like it.  In a whingey, whiney kind of way.  I always feel like that about driving though.  Once I’m in the car I’ll be fine.

The main news of the week was the delivery of an enormous basket of flowers yesterday:

Pretty, aren’t they?  It took me a while to establish who they had come from, as the card included just said ‘Glad to hear from you, we’re all missing you you know’.  I decided it had to be my team at work, and indeed it was.  The main clues were the lack of names and the crazy punctuation…definitely the boss-man. 

The flowers are actually planted in the basket, and can be re-planted and kept.  That’s so much better than cut flowers.

Also included was a box of chocolates, which are were delicious.

In knitting news…the shawl is still growing, slowly.  I’m now on the final pattern repeat, with just(!) the border to add after the next 30 rounds or so.  My recovery socks are nearly done, I’m onto the foot of the second sock, should be done before I return to work – just the right timing. 

Finally, I gave in and started A’s jacket.  It is going to cause me some problems further on, as the smallest size was nowhere near small enough so I’ve reduced the number of stitches.  I should read ahead in the pattern to see what effect that will have, but I’m a coward.  I’ll deal with it when I get to it.


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