Back to work

I started back at work today.  It’s now not quite 4 o’clock, and technically I should still be at it, but I negotiated a ‘soft return’ with the boss-man so for a few days at least I do as much as I feel up to.  Today I have spent most of the day clearing my big backlog of e-mails, working on my personal laptop at home.  Unfortunately, my work laptop is with the technicians for a rebuild…again.  I left it with them before going off sick, but it has died again since they returned it to the office.  That means that tomorrow I’ll have to go into the office, either to collect the laptop if it’s back or to work for at least the morning on a desktop PC.  I only have to stay for as long as I feel up to it, but as I’ll be visible I won’t be able to disappear too quickly.  Still, I need to get back into it, there’s a lot to do and I’m off on holiday soon. 

In knitting news, I finished my recovery socks on Sunday night (photos on Saturday) which means I’m officially better I guess.  I’m still picking away at the shawl, just a round or two a day.  I have made loads of progress on A’s jacket though, finishing the body up to where the sleeves join and starting the sleeves.  Unfortunately, it gets complicated after the sleeves due to my casual disregard for the pattern and the stitch counts.  Ooops! 

Sometime over the next few days, I’m planning to make jam.  Apple and plum jam.  Bizarrely, I haven’t been able to blag any free jam jars from anyone – everyone I know seems to have just given theirs away.  So I’ve ordered some shiny new ones, which arrived this morning.  Mmmmm, jam.  I’ve got a glut of plums and apples from the Riverford fruit boxes over the last few weeks, I found a recipe in Mrs Beeton’s wonderful book and now all I need is a tonne or two of sugar.  Oh, and enough time 😉

Finally, browsing on Ravelry earlier, I stumbled across this amazing giveaway…goats!  I’d love to keep goats, especially ones I could get yarn from, but there’s no practical way I can, without some kind of massive lifestyle change (lottery win maybe?).  This farm have a fantastic way of selling their fibre and yarn – you buy shares!  It looks really good, and I’d be seriously tempted if I hadn’t already spent more than I can believe on yarn this year so far.  The blogs on the site are interesting reading too, sharing the ups and downs of the farm, and the livestock and people on it.  I haven’t dug very far into the older entries yet, but I think I’ve found a new favourite read.


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