Photo Saturday

So, back to work it is.  Or rather, I am.  After clearing e-mails on Weds, I went in to the office Thursday and Friday mornings.  And it was seriously hard, really tiring.  Maybe I’m not as completely recovered as I thought!  The good news is, my laptop is back and seems to be working this time.  This means I can start my new working pattern this coming week, working in the office three full days a week, and at home for two days.  The boss-man is coming to catch up on Monday, but apart from that it should be a quiet week (touch wood, cross fingers, insert other superstition here).

Boring work out of the way, on to knitting.  I haven’t done much since Wednesday’s update except start on these tiny pretties:

They are ‘Baby Monkeys’, for our friends Tim and Jenny’s new baby boy.  Montague (Monty) was born on Weds, so I started these Thursday…they’ll have a matching garter-square bunny, and will be sent off to New Zealand asap. 

For now, that means all other knitting is on hold.  I can give a quick update on A’s jacket though:

That’s the main body, folded in half, ready for sleeves.  The sleeves are on their way. 

Also, the photo I promised of my recovery socks:

I wore them for work on Thursday, and they were really comfortable.  Since washing, they have become even softer still – I’m really impressed with this yarn, especially as there is loads left! 

As of this week, I am pleased to announce that I have lost half a stone, since joining the ‘Knit not eat’ group on Ravelry and making an effort to eat better.  It helped that I lost 4 lbs over the 2 weeks of surgery and recovery, but I expected to put most of that back on so didn’t really count it.  I have only regained 1 lb though, so I’m doin’ a little happy dance.  It’s a good start and I’m determined to do even better.

I think that’s all the news for now.  I have washing and jam-making to get on with!


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