A quick Saturday catch-up

I don’t have much time today, so this will be even briefer than usual.  I have a thousand and one household chores to do, plus 2 very short deadline knitting projects to get on with. 

I’m back at work full-time now, kind of enjoying it, but frustrated at how little time there seems to be by the time I’ve been at work all day, endured rush-hour traffic on the drive home, cooked and eaten dinner and then washed up afterwards.  It didn’t help that this week we’ve been round to see A’s Mum twice (helping her to install a new phone) and my Mum once (it was her birthday yesterday).  Being able to drive in the evening can be a burden as well as a bonus!  At least once this week we didn’t even get out for a walk. 

Anyway, on to the good stuff…although it’s not that good…there hasn’t really been much knitting time either, and I’ve been too tired to do anything complicated.  I’ve only done a round or two on the shawl in the last couple of weeks.  Maybe I’ll take it on holiday with me and make some progress then.  A’s cardi is coming along.  It now has nearly-sleeves, just coming up to the point where the sleeves join the body.  Sadly, it’s back on hold again. 

I finished these little pretties:

They will be in the post to New Zealand as soon as we get our act together. 

I had just returned to the cardi, when I was approached by a friend at work for help with premature baby cardigans.  Her granddaughter was born 11 weeks early, and has already survived 7 weeks in an incubator.  Marriella is now doing so well that she is allowed short cuddles out of the incubator, provided she is wrapped up warmly enough.  Enter Grandma’s plan for tiny little cardigans.  Marriella is only 4lbs at this point and measures just 10 inches around her chest.  I can’t even imagine a baby that tiny, it’s amazing she can survive, let alone thrive as she is so far.  So I’m starting this:

Avril supplied both yarn and pattern, and I started last night.  It’s so small, it should knit up really fast. 

I was satisfied that I’d be back to A’s jacket really quickly, until we were at my Mum’s last night and I spotted a row of tiny teddies on the mantelpiece.  I remembered with a sinking feeling that I’d made them for my step-dad’s last two birthdays, and promised another bear and the rest of the picnic set (blanket, crockery, food etc) for this year.  His birthday is 2 weeks today.  Aaaarrrgghh! 

Oh well, as usual I’ll just get on with it and hope I have time for everything.  A really wants his jacket to take on holiday, but it looks like he’ll just have to wait!


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