Back from holiday, feeling unwell

Just a quick update – I’ll take photos and fill in details on Saturday as usual. 

Last week we were on holiday in Brixham, South Devon.  It was nice enough, just not quite it, you know.  I didn’t feel very rested or relaxed while we were away, and didn’t come home feeling that way either.  In fact it was really good to get home this time.  A’s Mum came away with us, which changed the holiday completely.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad she did come – she really needed it.  But we didn’t do our usual stuff, and felt the need to come up with ‘things to do’, which normally doesn’t bother us.  I think she enjoyed it though, and hopefully feels rested. 

Actually, I think the only thing we really did differently was the walking – not as much of it as usual.  We did still eat out a lot.  And I mean A LOT. 

Anyway, there was loads of time for knitting (didn’t actually get around to it much) and cross-stitch.  I have started and finished, apart from name and date, a picture for A’s cousin’s baby…due any time now.  I’ve also planned another for another cousin’s baby.  Then I’ll think about one for our niece.  Looks like I’ve been bitten by that bug again! 

I have been knitting since we got back, and A’s jacket is just one pocket away from finished.  There was a magic moment late yesterday when I thought it really was finished, but then A tried it on, did up the buttons (yes, complete with buttons) and we both realised at the same time that the pockets don’t match.  I don’t know how.  I made them identically, down to counting rows and everything.  But somehow, one of those damn pockets is a good inch taller than the other…guess I know what I’ll be doing today.  Also, I want to soak and block the whole thing, as it’s quite snug and some of the stitching looks a little uneven. 

So, why is it that I have knitting (and writing) time in the middle of a working Thursday?  I have a stomach bug.  It started yesterday, and today I feel a little better but still not good.  Fingers crossed for a quick recovery…I actually have work to do, and now I’m starting to fret about it.  I know, weird huh?!


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