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The madness is over

December 26, 2009

For another year anyway.  And as usual, it didn’t turn out as planned…all those other people with their expectations and demands!  We ended up driving everywhere, all day, which meant I was unable to drink with dinner, or until late in the evening when I’d taken A’s Mum home.  It’s not that much of a hardship, I wasn’t gasping for one or anything, it was just that I’d driven Mar around to see her daughter and other son, despite planning not to, and none of them offered to do anything for her.  Last year A’s brother picked her up for the evening so we were off duty from that point.  This year we just got guilt trips from A’s sister because her children wouldn’t even see their Nanny on Christmas day!  They were going to the other grandparents’ house anyway! 


Anyway, whinge over.  I got some pretty presents, and some useful ones.  My Mum has developed a habit of picking our presents from our Amazon wishlists.  As long as we remember to keep them up to date, we actually get what we want.  It works for everyone. 

We had a lovely Christmas dinner at a hotel in town.  The food was good, but the service was a little bad.  Everyone was very polite, friendly and helpful, but we were the last table at lunchtime, as we had booked for 2pm, so they were a little desperate to get us served and out the door.  Very politely.  It was still good, just a little unusual to have dessert, coffee, mince pies and chocolates served all at once, with the bill presented minutes later.  I’ll forgive them a lot for the quality of the food though. 

Not a lot of knitting went on yesterday.  By the time I finally sat down in the evening I just didn’t feel like it.  I knit a few rows on the Happy socks, but put them down pretty quickly. 

I have been busy in the past week or so though.  Yet again I decided at the nearly-last minute that I had to make a gift.  This time for my sister-in-law’s birthday.  Which is on Wednesday.  I found a pattern for a cowl, which is a thing I would just never wear myself, but I can see Sam liking.  This is it in its unblocked awaiting-buttons stage:

So pretty.  I’ve used some of the sock wool I got for my birthday, but this used up so little I’ll still have enough for a pair of socks. 

As well as this, I’ve been plodding away at the shawl of doom’s border.  I think I’m about half-way round, so I’m getting there.  I’ve also done some more of the cross-stitch picture for our niece.  I want to get that finished up soon, as we’ve just recently heard that my baby bro and his wife are expecting their first baby in June.  Hooray!  Also, one of my cousins and his wife are expecting, and another cousin just got engaged.  So much excitement, and at least we get to finish a bad year with happy news. 

So, other news?  Not much for now, but I’m off work again this coming week so there may be an update mid-week.  No promises though!


Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2009

Just that really 🙂

Plodding along…there’s some knitting going on

December 19, 2009

After another week with little news (the boss-man gave me a tin of roses for xmas, we took A’s Mum shopping in town on Thursday night, posted all our parcels and cards yesterday – too late, I know), here’s some knitting stuff.

The scarf I started for Ali at work was finished in plenty of time, and it’s really pretty.  Hard to get across in a picture though:

It’s beautifully drapey and smooth, and sort of metallic-ish.  A described it as ‘like chain mail, only purple’.  I hope Ali likes it – at least it is her colour. 

Christmas presents out of the way, I’ve picked up my languishing not-for-xmas projects again.  My happy socks now have turned heels.  It has been so long since I turned a heel from the toe-up, I had to look it up in a book!  But that’s done, so now it’s just knit-knit-knit until the yarn runs out. 

The shawl of doom has re-appeared from hibernation, again.  Unfortunately, I found two loose threads hanging out of it, where I wouldn’t expect to find loose threads.  I suspect a stitch got caught on something and pulled until it snapped, but I’m not sure.  For now I have tied them together and I’ll try to work out where they have come from and where they should go when I’ve finished the border.  Speaking of the border – it’s back on.  I took the shawl with part-done border to Knitting in the Library on Weds, and everyone agreed that it works.  It was the demons in my head saying it might not, so I’ve started on it again. 

The cross-stitch pictures I had finished have now gone out into the world to find their new homes.  At least as far as A’s Mum’s house, anyway.  I’ve done a bit more on Amy’s picture, but I’m not really into it all that much.  Maybe it’s the knitting bug taking over again.  Maybe it’s because I feel a bit pressured into doing it.  Who knows. 

Anyway, that’s about it for today.  Except I’ve finished work for the xmas break – hooray!  I’ve got 4 days of leave next week, then work shuts down until 4th Jan.  Two whole weeks of nothing.  Except for the christmas bit in the middle…which kind of gets in the way, you know?


December 12, 2009

And start some more. 

I got the idea part way through the week that I needed to make something to send to A’s uncle for Christmas.  So I started…and finished…a scarf…

It’s made from the black chunky stuff left over from A’s cardigan, and only took a few evenings to get done.  I didn’t find a pattern I liked so I just did a 3 stitch garter-stitch border each side and a 4-2 rib in the middle.  Instead of blocking the wool content, I decided to kill the acrylic instead, and it ended up lovely and drapey and so soft. 

That done, I decided I had to also make a scarf for Ali for Christmas.  With only a week until my last day in the office before the xmas break, it seemed obvious!  Cast on another project! 

It’s very soft and drapey, sparkly and shiny and knitted using two different sized needles.  The knit side is on 5mm and the purl side on 8mm.  Interesting effect, but hard to get across in a photo. 

So once again the shawl of doom is hibernating.  I will get back to it eventually.  Also on hold are my Happy socks, and Amy’s cross-stitch picture. 

I have now finished and framed the other two pictures I had on the go:

These can now be wrapped in tissue paper and passed on to A’s Mum to give to her sisters. 

In other news…not much really, lots of work, visits to Bristol, xmas shopping.  This afternoon we’re planning to put up the xmas decorations – we were planning to have our nieces round for the night to help us with it, but plans changed so now it’s just me and Ebeneezer.  A doesn’t like xmas decorations. 

Good news – I only have one more week to work then I’m off for 2 weeks. 

Bad news – I have a cold.

Shawl, revived

December 5, 2009

It has been another busy week, but not quite as bad as last week, thank goodness. 

Straight into the pictures though…starting with a big finish!

Isn’t she pretty? 

Now that Mrs Christmas is done, I have revived my hibernating shawl of doom.  I undid the part-finished border, and started again:

I’m not entirely certain about it.  I think it looks like the border is just a different colour deliberately, but it’s so hard to see it objectively.  I’d welcome some honest opinions, if anyone has one to share?

I’ve also been knitting away at a pair of socks…I was never going to keep away from the socks for long!  This pair is using the ball of Wendy Happy yarn I bought in Paignton, while on holiday in October.  Every time I pick them up I smile, because they’re called Happy and also because I remember holiday.  They are very far from being identical, but that’s alright, I like them.  These are my travel knitting, for bus journeys, train travel to Bristol and back and also for lunchbreaks at work. 

I was knitting these on the bus on Monday morning, on my way home from a blood test, when a little old lady sat down next to me.  We chatted about the weather for a few minutes, as you do, then she asked what I was knitting.  I held them up and said ‘Socks’.  “Oh lovely”, she replied, “Are they for your dolly?”  Really?!  I mean, what?  I never used to look my age, but I certainly no longer look young enough for a dolly.  Surreal. 

Anyway, this week promises to be another busy one.  We have our nephew Liam coming round this afternoon for a craft session, as part of his birthday present.  I’m in Bristol twice this week, for meetings, and I’ll miss knitting in the library because of it.  The rat man is coming back at some point, and hopefully we’ll be able to get an electrician to fix the wiring very soon.  And we have to start thinking Christmas shopping at some point.