Plodding along…there’s some knitting going on

After another week with little news (the boss-man gave me a tin of roses for xmas, we took A’s Mum shopping in town on Thursday night, posted all our parcels and cards yesterday – too late, I know), here’s some knitting stuff.

The scarf I started for Ali at work was finished in plenty of time, and it’s really pretty.  Hard to get across in a picture though:

It’s beautifully drapey and smooth, and sort of metallic-ish.  A described it as ‘like chain mail, only purple’.  I hope Ali likes it – at least it is her colour. 

Christmas presents out of the way, I’ve picked up my languishing not-for-xmas projects again.  My happy socks now have turned heels.  It has been so long since I turned a heel from the toe-up, I had to look it up in a book!  But that’s done, so now it’s just knit-knit-knit until the yarn runs out. 

The shawl of doom has re-appeared from hibernation, again.  Unfortunately, I found two loose threads hanging out of it, where I wouldn’t expect to find loose threads.  I suspect a stitch got caught on something and pulled until it snapped, but I’m not sure.  For now I have tied them together and I’ll try to work out where they have come from and where they should go when I’ve finished the border.  Speaking of the border – it’s back on.  I took the shawl with part-done border to Knitting in the Library on Weds, and everyone agreed that it works.  It was the demons in my head saying it might not, so I’ve started on it again. 

The cross-stitch pictures I had finished have now gone out into the world to find their new homes.  At least as far as A’s Mum’s house, anyway.  I’ve done a bit more on Amy’s picture, but I’m not really into it all that much.  Maybe it’s the knitting bug taking over again.  Maybe it’s because I feel a bit pressured into doing it.  Who knows. 

Anyway, that’s about it for today.  Except I’ve finished work for the xmas break – hooray!  I’ve got 4 days of leave next week, then work shuts down until 4th Jan.  Two whole weeks of nothing.  Except for the christmas bit in the middle…which kind of gets in the way, you know?


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