The madness is over

For another year anyway.  And as usual, it didn’t turn out as planned…all those other people with their expectations and demands!  We ended up driving everywhere, all day, which meant I was unable to drink with dinner, or until late in the evening when I’d taken A’s Mum home.  It’s not that much of a hardship, I wasn’t gasping for one or anything, it was just that I’d driven Mar around to see her daughter and other son, despite planning not to, and none of them offered to do anything for her.  Last year A’s brother picked her up for the evening so we were off duty from that point.  This year we just got guilt trips from A’s sister because her children wouldn’t even see their Nanny on Christmas day!  They were going to the other grandparents’ house anyway! 


Anyway, whinge over.  I got some pretty presents, and some useful ones.  My Mum has developed a habit of picking our presents from our Amazon wishlists.  As long as we remember to keep them up to date, we actually get what we want.  It works for everyone. 

We had a lovely Christmas dinner at a hotel in town.  The food was good, but the service was a little bad.  Everyone was very polite, friendly and helpful, but we were the last table at lunchtime, as we had booked for 2pm, so they were a little desperate to get us served and out the door.  Very politely.  It was still good, just a little unusual to have dessert, coffee, mince pies and chocolates served all at once, with the bill presented minutes later.  I’ll forgive them a lot for the quality of the food though. 

Not a lot of knitting went on yesterday.  By the time I finally sat down in the evening I just didn’t feel like it.  I knit a few rows on the Happy socks, but put them down pretty quickly. 

I have been busy in the past week or so though.  Yet again I decided at the nearly-last minute that I had to make a gift.  This time for my sister-in-law’s birthday.  Which is on Wednesday.  I found a pattern for a cowl, which is a thing I would just never wear myself, but I can see Sam liking.  This is it in its unblocked awaiting-buttons stage:

So pretty.  I’ve used some of the sock wool I got for my birthday, but this used up so little I’ll still have enough for a pair of socks. 

As well as this, I’ve been plodding away at the shawl of doom’s border.  I think I’m about half-way round, so I’m getting there.  I’ve also done some more of the cross-stitch picture for our niece.  I want to get that finished up soon, as we’ve just recently heard that my baby bro and his wife are expecting their first baby in June.  Hooray!  Also, one of my cousins and his wife are expecting, and another cousin just got engaged.  So much excitement, and at least we get to finish a bad year with happy news. 

So, other news?  Not much for now, but I’m off work again this coming week so there may be an update mid-week.  No promises though!


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