Knit Photo Saturday

That title implies that I may have knit me some photos…that’s an interesting concept!  Instead I mean that I have lots of knitting related photos this week. 

It’s been another fast week (seriously, Saturday?  I almost got as far as logging on to the work laptop this morning!).  I’ve had one trip to Bristol and a day in the Swindon office.  As of next week I’ll be in Bristol for two days a week, with one in the Swindon office and two at home.  Fairly soon the Swindon office will be closed anyway, at which point two days per week in Bristol will be the norm.  During my day in the Swindon office this week, the boss-man turned up and we packed away my docking station and the contents of my desk…all of which he took back to Bristol with him.  Makes it all more real, somehow. 

Anyway, in other news I finally made it to an appointment with a private gastro-enterology consultant on Weds, after two cancelled attempts during the Great January Snows.  He agreed with the Irritable Bowel Syndrome diagnosis, on the basis that I’ve already had all the tests, my symptoms are spot on and IBS and endometriosis very commonly show up together.  I’m being referred to a specialist dietician next.  In the meantime, the pain is still there, comes and goes, I watch what I eat and try to get on with it.  On the positive side, I’ve lost another pound – I’m very slowly creeping down on the scales. 

So, back to those knit photos…starting with a big finish:

That’s Buttercup, all done.  The only thing I’m not quite happy about is that the bottom edge tends to roll up, despite the border. 

Next, I’ve got three new cast-ons to show off.  Firstly, my green travel socks:

Secondly, this is the start of a very long-term log cabin blanket:

And finally, a shawl for Mum:

That’s the start of Icarus, which Mum picked out for herself when she bought me a book for my birthday.  The shawl and the log cabin blanket work well together, as the shawl is very delicate and attention-intensive but the blanket is plain old knit-knit-knit.  So when I get bored or tired of one I can pick up the other and get something completely different. 

This week coming…I don’t think I’ve got much going on.  Two days in Bristol, but not much more than that.  Oh yes, and Alan is coming round to attempt to fix the bath taps.  He was planning to come round on Weds afternoon, so I missed knitting in the library yet again, but he couldn’t make it at the last minute.  Fingers crossed he can do the taps, otherwise we need a whole new bath suite!


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