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Unplanned Babble

February 27, 2010

This has been a busy week, lots going on work-wise, including the usual treks to Bristol and back and a clear-out day in the Swindon office (which is closing very soon). 

On Monday we collected our Bunny-Raddit’s ashes from the vet, and buried him under the cherry tree in our garden.  It was sad, but not unbearably so, and instead of the harsh sobbing of the days before there were just a few quiet tears.  It felt like saying goodbye, and starting to move on. 

Knitting has been happening, at a slightly slower pace than usual.  Mum’s shawl is finally getting there – just 8 rows of the last chart to complete, then the border and cast-off.  I haven’t taken any new pictures as it just looks like a bundle of (very pretty, soft, delicate) fabric.  Hopefully it will block well! 

I’ve made some progress on the travel socks this week, turned the heel of sock 2 and started the gusset decreases.  That should be done in the next week or two. 

Last night I even picked the lap blanket back up, for the first time in a few weeks.  I didn’t really feel like it, but I was too tired for the complications of the shawl.  Sadly, the blanket was at a stage where I needed to wind a new skein of yarn, and that took me the rest of the evening so I didn’t actually knit any blanket. 

On my visit to the Swindon office yesterday, I took some sketches and pattern ideas for a new cross-stitch picture for my friend Avril’s new grand-daughter in Australia.  Avril’s daughter requested ‘cupcakes and butterflies and fairies and things like that’, so I trawled through my shelf of magazines and found a few examples of each item.  Then I drew up a rough layout, which I took to show Avril.  She really liked it, suggesting pastel colours look good and requesting blonde hair for the fairy.  Avril is visiting Australia in early May, so I need to get this done by then if possible. 

Before that, I’ve got to finish my Mum’s shawl for Mother’s Day (2 weeks away) and knit a shawl for A’s Mum for her birthday in early April.  Luckily the yarn I picked out for A’s Mum’s shawl is sock-weight, not lace-weight, so should knit up fairly fast. 

What else…?  Oh yes, spring is here!  The birds have started singing their spring songs, they are evident everywhere I go.  I even say a blackbird and heard a great tit in the middle of Bristol last week!  And a single lonely male blackbird has taken up residence in our garden, which is so exciting.  We’ve seen him around before (I’m assuming it’s the same one), but never for long, but since the snow in January we’ve been throwing the odd handful of dried mealworm on the floor by the birdfeeder.  Mr B has taken to sitting in the cherry tree, watching for us and waiting for us to come out with food…he no longer flies away even a short distance.  Then last night, so exciting, we heard him singing.  Looked out of the window and he was sat on our washing-line post, singing his little socks off.  Calling out that our garden is his territory!  Sounds like a small thing to get so excited about, but that means we now have regular visits from 2 wrens, a number of pigeons and a blackbird, having never seen anything except cats before last year. 

Anyway, I’d better get to work – got some hours to make up, even though it is Saturday. 

This week coming I’ll be in Birmingham once, Bristol once and not a lot else that I know of at this point.  Let’s hope for a quiet one!

Goodnight, Bunny, Sleep Tight

February 20, 2010

This is the hardest post I’ve written so far, and it’s going to be a short one. 

On Thursday evening we had to take our bunny to the vet, for the last time.  He was put to sleep.  He had been off his food for a couple of days, couldn’t be enticed even by a fresh bag of food, so we took him in on Weds evening to get him checked over.  The vet immediately found a large tumour, completely obstructing his bowel.  We brought him home, dosed up on painkillers, to say goodbye, before taking him back on Thursday. 

He was in pain, suffering too much, so I know it was the best (only) thing to do.  I promised him I wouldn’t leave him, I’d be there until the very end, and I kept my promise.  He died in my arms, with A stroking his nose. 

I just can’t believe he’s gone for ever.  The house is so empty without him, small as he was. 

I’m probably over-reacting, he was only a pet after all, but I’m devastated.  Everything I look at, everything I do reminds me he isn’t here any more. 

Next week I’ll write the usual stuff about knitting, work, health, whatever, but for today:

I miss you, baby.

Where are the weeks going?

February 13, 2010

Seriously, every time I stop to think about it, it seems to be Friday night or Saturday morning again.  Not that I’m complaining really, the faster the work bits go the better!  Only, I’m losing evenings as well. 

Anyway, this week has been another busy one.  I’ve been to Bristol twice, and actually started exploring the city a bit at lunchtimes.  I don’t know my way around Bristol at all, just a few carefully memorised routes to get me from A to B without getting lost.  I am good at getting lost!  On one occasion, A and I got lost in Bath – couldn’t find the train station!  We’ve both been to Bath plenty of times before, especially by train, and yet still ended up wandering vaguely for an hour. 

So, Bristol – I’ve been out a few times with my colleagues, usually with a particular shop or purchase in mind, but now I’m exploring a bit more on my own.  It’s interesting, and maybe one day we can go shopping there and actually find what we want 😉

Apart from work, what else have I done?  Oh yes, I got my hair cut last weekend.  I went for the ‘much shorter’ option, it’s supposed to be a bob.  But I’m already bored of blow-drying it and trying to force it to curl under.  Never mind, it’s still much easier to cope with than when it was long. 

I missed Knitting at the Library again this week, as I had promised to meet up with my friend C.  I really didn’t want to let her down, as C needs all the support she can get at the moment.  C is expecting her 3rd baby, but both she and her husband carry a genetic disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).  Their first beautiful baby girl was born with type 1 SMA, the severest type.  She miraculously survived until she was 2, but ended up barely able to move even her face.  Just her expressive little eyes, and a trace of smile.  Bethan was amazing, and C and her husband devoted themselves to her.  Life got more complicated when their second baby came along and they had two to care for, but thankfully Maya is healthy, doesn’t even carry the faulty gene. 

Now C is expecting again, but won’t find out until the end of the month whether the baby is healthy.  By that time she’ll be 18-20 weeks through.  It’s terrifying, I don’t know how she can be so strong, but C has so much courage and is refusing to consider the negative possibilities until she knows more. 

So I didn’t mind missing Knitting for one more week, when C asked if I’d got time for lunch. 

On the subject of knitting, there is progress on 2 of my 3 WiP’s.  Mum’s Icarus shawl is coming along.  I’ve finished the main chart, and now have to start on the 3 smaller charts.  Only my stitch count is out by 4.  I can’t see anything wrong – I’ve been using stitch-markers to pick out the repeats so it’s obvious when I’ve made a mistake.  I’m going to look for errata before I do anything else I think.  Anyway, here’s the latest picture:

I’ve also made progress on my travel socks, what with all the Bristol travel.  The first one is finished:

I haven’t done a single stitch on my log cabin blanket this week, just haven’t felt like it.  Never mind, it’ll wait!

Not much to say

February 6, 2010

Really, not much at all. 

This week I’ve bene working.  I’ve had a stomach bug.  The bath taps got replaced.  I made it to Knitting in the Library, but only for about 20 minutes. 

Ummmm, that’s it really. 

I’ve been knitting away at the shawl for my Mum – it’s coming along, getting slower as the stitch count gets higher.  I haven’t done much on the log cabin blanket.  The socks have had an outing or two. 

I went for an eye test, need new glasses. 

And I’m going to get my hair cut at lunch time today.  I hate getting my hair cut, to the point where I just don’t do it for 2-3 years at a time, then I get it all cut short, then it gradually grows really long again.  Eventually I get sick of the time it takes to wash and dry and force myself to go to the hairdresser again.  That day has come.  Wish me luck!