Mmmmmm, cake!

This week has been all about the food.  There has been knitting (of course)…I’ve made good progress on the shawl for A’s Mum’s birthday, and my current travel socks are nearly done, but all I can think about is food. 

On Monday I embarked on what must be the most difficult diet ever.  Not for weight loss, oh no, nothing so simple.  This is a few foods diet, designed to identify food intolerances, which may be triggering the IBS pains I’m still dealing with.  The theory goes that for a week I eat only foods listed by my dietician as acceptable, then over the next few weeks (months?) I can reintroduce ingredients in a specific order.  On Sunday we’re starting the re-introduction with chicken, having picked the protein group first.  This will be followed by beef, prawns, eggs and white fish.  My mouth waters just thinking about such exciting ingredients! 

For now though, I’m still on turkey, lamb, pork, rice, potatoes, a selection of fruit and veg and not a lot more.  I can have sunflower oil and sunflower oil based spread.  I can use salt, pepper and herbs for flavour. 

Evenings meals haven’t been so bad, apart from having to find the energy to cook every single day – no sneaky trips to the chip shop or phoning out for pizza!  The main thing missing from dinner-time, apart from variety, is sauce.  Gravy!  Ketchup!  Mayo!  Redcurrant jelly, mint sauce, horseradish, anything!

Breakfast is also reasonably ok, I’m just eating a pile of fruit.  Tinned fruit is ok, as long as it is one of the listed fruit and is in the right type of juice.  Fresh fruit from Riverford is good, as always.  But I do miss my toast. 

Lunch is proving to be more of a problem, especially when I’m not at home.  I’m stuck with plain ricecakes.  I’m also having a range of raw veg (cucumber, carrot, celery), and occasionally parma ham.  Weirdly, it turns out that parma ham is the only preserved pork we can find that doesn’t have a load of preservatives added, just salt.  Expensive, but worth it. 

Strangely, for a week when food is so restricted, everything has been about food.  I went with my Mum to a diabetes awareness session at the hospital…all about food.  At work in Bristol on Thursday there was an office-warming gathering, where everyone had brought cakes. 

I can’t even have coffee! 

For some reason, which I haven’t quite figured out yet, the thing I want most is cake.  I don’t usually care about cake, not fond of sponge, will eat it if it’s triple chocolate.  But from the start of the week, I’ve wanted cake, Cake, CAKE.  Realistically I’m not gonna get cake any time soon.  I need to get through eggs, dairy and flour at least before I can even make an acceptable cake.  But boy am I looking forward to it!


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