Skipped a Saturday

Last week I couldn’t post as usual…we went on a last minute weekend away to Westward Ho!  And man, did we need it! 

We both had a few days booked off work, just using up days before the start of new leave years.  We had planned to clear out the attic and the under-stairs cupboard, get rid of loads of junk.  But somehow, we persuaded ourselves that a holiday was in order instead 🙂

Westward Ho! was amazing as always, so peaceful and laid back.  Somehow it’s one of the few places we really switch off…ever.  We stayed on a different holiday park this time, due to the last minute arrangement, and it was really good.  The chalets were of a very high standard, spotlessly clean and so well equipped.  We’ve booked to go back there in October, with A’s Mum. 

While we were away I ditched the crazy-ass few foods diet for the four days, and ate everything I wanted.  I felt very ill for a while, due to the sudden influx of flavour and variety I think, but it was totally worth it.  Apart from that, I’m getting on ok with the diet.  I’m now allowed chicken, beef and prawns as well as the original list, and today I get to add eggs.  Next week I’ll move on to wheat (specifically pasta then bread), then dairy.  I can’t work out how to include milk at the moment, which is first on the dairy list.  I can’t drink milk, never could.  I can have it on cereal…but so far have struggled to find an ‘allowed’ cereal – they all have so much added crap.  I can’t think of a good sauce we could make, without any of my usual ingredients.  I am tempted to just skip the milk step and go straight for butter or cheese (mmmm….butter and cheese….).  We’ll see.

I did have one serious lapse this week – I bought and ate an entire big bag of strong flavoured crisps.  I haven’t eaten crisps at all for months and months.  But I was tempted and gave in.  And was really unwell for the rest of the day and most of the next.  I won’t be doing that again!

On to knitting news…I finished A’s Mum’s shawl last night, it’s blocking on the library floor now:

Mar’s birthday is in a week or so, I hope she’ll like it.  Having finished the shawl during the evening yesterday, I didn’t feel much like starting anything new so I plodded away at the log cabin blanket I have on the go.  One day it will be big and beautiful, however long it takes! 

My next project is cross-stitch – a picture for Avril’s grand-daughter in Australia.  Avril’s daughter has asked for ‘cupcakes and fairies and butterflies’, which don’t seem to have appeared in a single design together, that I can find.  So I’ve pinched small designs from various magazines and worked them together to form one picture.  So far it looks like this:

Nothing to see here!  Moving along…

This coming week should be a busy one.  I’m delivering a training on Tuesday, which I’m really not looking forward to.  Then on Weds I’ve agreed to go out for lunch with the people from the Swindon office, which is now closed.  It marks the closing of the office and the end of our organisation.  I’ve also got the usual Bristol trip on Thursday.  Friday we’re going out for A’s cousin’s 40th Birthday, at a pub in Lechlade.


One Response to “Skipped a Saturday”

  1. Catherine Says:

    Westward Ho! has to be the best name for a town in the world, ever. I mean, where else has an exclamaition mark in its name?!?!

    I dont envy you with your diet, that must be really difficult – good luck! I used to get IBS really bad as a teen, it’s not so bad now, it seems to be bread that sets me off so I avoid it.

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