Food Freedom!

I saw the dietician on Thursday, and she has taken me off the crazy-stupid intolerance testing diet.  I can eat whatever I want!  Strangely, there doesn’t seem to be much that I do want.  Since reintroducing cheese, butter, chocolate, bread and pasta I’ve been craving less.  Although it was nice to be able to use tomatoes in a home-made chilli yesterday. 

Now I just have to attempt to keep the weight off – I’ve lost over a stone since December, and gone down a size in clothes, and I don’t want to go back up. 

Very little knitting to report again this week, just a little progress on the travel socks.  Although I’ve decided I want a shrug or cropped cardi to take away in the summer, so I’ll be browsing Ravelry for suitable patterns later. 

I have started another cross-stitch picture for one of the many babies due this summer.  It isn’t the Elmer design I was planning on though, as I couldn’t find the magazine with the pattern in.  I went back through the design books I keep, with photos of stuff I’ve made, and found the details from when I made it once before.  So I even knew the issue number and release date of the magazine, not just the name.  But I still couldn’t find it.  A and I went through every magazine on the shelf, then pretty much emptied the entire craft cupboard.  We just could not work out what had happened to that damn magazine.  On Monday morning I e-mailed a former colleague, just on the off chance that she’d seen it, borrowed it, remembered me lending it to someone else…and she e-mailed back a couple of hours later to say she had it. 

In the meantime of course, I’d started a new pattern anyway:

This one is probably for Caron’s baby, although it may go to A’s cousin’s baby instead, depending on baby’s name. 

On Weds I met up with Avril, to hand over April’s picture.  Instead of framing it, I rolled it up in tissue paper and slid it into a cardboard tube, so it will travel to Australia more easily.  Avril was really pleased with it, and treated me to lunch.  🙂

After that I went to Knitting at the Library for the first time in weeks.  It was good to catch up. 

This week…I don’t think there’s much going on.  The usual 2 days in Bristol.  Oh, and we’re off out for dinner tonight.  We didn’t go out for our wedding anniversary on Monday, because of the diet, so we’re making up for it tonight.  And, of course, the Snooker World Championship starts today…that’s just over two weeks of excitement 😉


2 Responses to “Food Freedom!”

  1. Catherine Says:

    Wow well done on the weight loss!

    Kim Hargreaves’ latest book has some beautiful little cardi’s, I really want to knit Anais 🙂

  2. uncoolhelen Says:

    Thanks for the link Catherine, there are some lovely things there. I will be browsing at leisure. 🙂

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