It turned out busy after all

This week was supposed to be a quiet one, with not much planned, but somehow it has felt much more hectic than expected. 

Last Saturday we took our nieces out for dinner, as planned.  They were both as good as gold, really lovely company.  Sometimes we forget how much fun they are…although they are both more than capable of much worse behaviour ;). 

While waiting for our dinner, we had a conversation about trying new food.  Madi has an aversion to eating in public (at 7 – tragic), but Morgan is really adventurous.  We were describing some of the more exotic things we’ve had, and Morgan said she’d like to try octopus some time.  We both immediately raved about how good octopus is, we’ve had it several times both fresh and pickled in vinegar.  After a few minutes, Madi asked if we liked ‘Octopus brine’.  That took some thinking through…what is octopus brine?  The salt water that octopus has been preserved in?  Doesn’t sound so nice.  Eventually we worked it out though – she meant Optimus Prime…the Transformer! 

We’ve promised to get Morgan round to stay one weekend soon, as her birthday present.  Bless her, she doesn’t want an actual present, just a night at our house.  She even turned down a take-away, she’d rather we cooked something nice together!  Strange for a 12 year old, but sweet. 

Sunday and Monday were pretty much taken up with the snooker.  The final was disappointing, not the flowing, high-scoring play that’s so entertaining.  And we didn’t even wait up for the end result on Monday night as we both had to be up early for work on Tuesday.  I don’t have much to say about the John Higgins scandal, except that it was a shame the press had to publish it when it did, stealing the limelight from the World final.  And also, that I can’t believe John did, or had any intention of doing, anything wrong. 

Work this week has been the usual 2 trips to Bristol.  On Tuesday, Rachel and I wandered off at lunchtime to start the search for a formal dress to take on the boat.  There were some promising candidates, and we only looked in one shop.  More to follow!

In knitting news, I finished my shrug:

That’s it with the dress I intend to wear it with on the boat.  I’m pleased with the result 🙂

After finishing the shrug I moved on to more cross-stitch, starting a picture for another new baby.  This one is called ‘Dinosaur Island’, and is quite boy-ish, so I hope someone has a boy!  I hadn’t got very far with it (no pictures yet) when I got distracted…Jen at work is getting married in a few weeks, so everyone in the office wants to sign a card…which somehow I volunteered to make.  It’s not a big or complicated design, so shouldn’t take long.  Also not much progress, so no photos as yet. 

What else is there to tell…oh yes!  I went to see the doctor-man on Tuesday evening.  He looked blankly at me and agreed he may as well send me to see a gynae consultant, if that’s what I want.  I was starting to get very frustrated with the lack of opinion, the lack of answers, but I got something of a miracle result yesterday.  I had a phone call from the consultant-man’s secretary in the morning, inviting me to attend his clinic that evening, to fill a cancellation!  This is a private referral, but still an exceptional response! 

Even better, when I saw him, Mr Griffiths stated definitively that my symptoms, while not being strictly typical of endometriosis, are not uncommon for it.  I have been so despondent, after repeatedly being told by loads of different doctors and consultants that my symptoms are not endo, because they are not typical.  It’s such a relief to know that there is something specific, it’s not in my head!  One specific symptom is only caused by a physical abnormality or endo, which confirms it.  Mr G has suggested a couple more treatment options, which I should try, but he has also said that I’m heading for a hysterectomy.  The later that is, the better.  Especially as it does not guarantee a cure. 

I’m just so relieved that someone knows what is going on and has said so, especially someone who is such an expert. 

I think that has been the most frustrating part of dealing with the NHS over the past few years, never seeing the same consultant twice (except the woman who was horrible to me).  And none of them knowing as much as Mr G does about endo.  I’ve seen him once before, and he has operated on me twice, but it’s so hard to get to see him personally.  I’m so glad I took out the private health cover when I did, as all pre-existing conditions are now covered, as well as new ones, so I can see him every time. 


Sadly of course, I have to go round the ‘trying new hormone treatment’ roundabout all over again, but you never know, it might help!

Anyway, this week coming up…there’s not a lot going on…that I know of ;).


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