This week my weirdo magnet has been on full strength.  It has been a few years (5 at least) since it worked this strongly, although it used to be my normal state.  I’m blaming last week’s MRI scan!  And I’m refusing to wear the shiny new name badge I’ve been given at work, as it has a magnet on the back instead of a pin! 

In fact, this week hasn’t just been weirdos…it’s been weird generally!  Here are a few highlights. 

On Tuesday, as I left work to walk back to the train station, I passed a man in the street who half smiled at me.  I scanned my brain and couldn’t find any memory of him, so I kept walking.  A few seconds later he ran up behind me, shouting ‘Hey’!  I stopped and turned to face him…he had run the length of the street just to tell me how cute I am, and try to persuade me to stop and talk to him for a while.  Now that’s an experience I haven’t had for a very long time!  It took me a minute or so to persuade him that I really had to dash…couldn’t miss my train…husband on his way to meet me…and in the end I walked away.  The really weird thing was that this guy was younger than me and not bad looking. 

I got on the train, sat down, and breathed a sigh of relief that no-one sat next to me.  Then the train manager started the usual announcement.  “Safety information cards blah blah blah…luggage and security blah blah blah…buffet car open blah blah blah…well it has been a lovely day hasn’t it?  Beautiful sunshine, nice and warm.  It’s a bit cloudy now, but I’ve checked the forecast and we’re in for a fantastic couple of weeks, so that’ll be nice.  Next station stop will be blah blah blah…”.  WTF?! 

Wednesday wasn’t much less weird, with seagulls flying right at my windscreen, cyclists riding right in front of me, and one confused old man desperately trying to park his car straight, by lining it up against my very wonky, badly parked car! 

Those are just a few highlights…you get the picture. 

Speaking of pictures, I have finished Dinosaur Island:

I’ve now just got one project on the go – my travel socks.  Which are almost finished.  I’m itching to start something new, but cannot decide what.  Time for some ravelling I think. 

This week was a good one for wildlife in our garden.  In fact, our garden has become quite a busy place over the last few months.  We now have at least 3 regular blackbird visitors – an adult male, an adult female and a juvenile.  They love the mealworms we put on the gravel, and have been seen using my Nan’s birdbath for both drinking and bathing.  It’s so exciting!  We still have frequent visits from a number of wood pigeons, who prefer peanuts but will eat almost anything we put on the feeder.  And on Tuesday morning, while getting ready for work, I saw a blue tit flitting around the cherry tree!  It’s the first time we’ve seen a blue tit in the garden, and it made my day.  Perhaps the weirdo magnet works on birds too?! 

This afternoon I hope we’ll see more wildlife, as we’re off for a guided walk of the Thames Water lagoons.  The lagoons are tucked away behind the River Ray Parkway, where we often walk at the weekend, but they aren’t open to the public.  This afternoon there are a series of exciting events going on, for International Biodiversity Day.  I’m really looking forward to it. 

We would have liked to go to the bat walk this evening too, but we’d already promised our niece, Morgan, that she can stay over tonight.  It’s her birthday present and we hate letting her down.  We’ll take her shopping to choose something nice for dinner, then after eating she’ll pick out a DVD from our limited collection and we’ll chill out for the evening.  Morgan is being picked on at school for being clever, so her Mum has asked me to chat to her about it, as I went through something similar.  I don’t know what to say to make her feel better, but hopefully it will help to know she’s not the only one and it is possible to get through it. 

In health news I had the first of 3 zoladex implants done yesterday, as suggested by the consultant I saw a couple of weeks ago.  I have to take HRT as well, to counteract some of the worst side-effects.  I’m hoping for an improvement, fingers crossed.  Especially if it helps in time for our cruise.  It would be lovely not to have to calculate exactly what and how much I can eat today, if I want to be able to go ashore for a long walk tomorrow.  Or if I go ashore today, how will I cope with formal night tonight. 

Speaking of formal nights…I bought my new dress yesterday :).  It’s so pretty!

While looking for the formal dresses in Debenhams, I also spotted another pretty dress, which I fell in love with.  But I can’t find a picture of that one. 

I also got talked into buying a pair of swim shorts.  I have some issues with swimwear…mainly about it being so revealing.  I do not like to expose that much of my upper thighs or my top.  As a consequence, no-one ever gets me near a swimming pool or jacuzzi or anything else which requires swimwear.  A loves that stuff though, and self-consciously goes by himself rather than miss out.  It makes me feel bad for letting him down, and there’s also a sneaking suspicion that I’m missing out myself.  So, I have swim shorts, which cover the worst of my backside and upper legs.  If I can now find a top or costume that covers enough, I may just be talked into the pool.  We’ll see! 

Anyway, this coming week…apart from walking this afternoon and Morgan this evening…tomorrow we need to do some garden stuff.  On Monday we both have check-ups at the dentist.  Work is suddenly really busy, with two major deadlines at the end of the week, so our entire team will be hard pushed to get everything done.  I may even have to go in to Bristol an extra day or more!


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