Two days late…

I didn’t get chance to post on Saturday, I ended up working.  Yes, working.  All day Saturday.  As predicted, last week was a manic one, with big deadlines and lots of senior management pressure and extra hours worked.  I managed to meet the deadline for my own share of the work, but got set another immediately, which I’ve been so worried about meeting that I got on with it on Saturday.  That isn’t so bad, given that today is a Bank Holiday, so I still get two days off. 

In knitting news, I’ve started two new projects, and finished one of them.  The first is a stole, made with the lovely silver laceweight yarn I bought a while ago:

I would ideally like to take it on the boat, to go with my red formal dress, but I doubt if I’ll finish it in time. 

The other new start, and complete finish, is a cover for my new camera. 

Wait!  A new camera?  Yes, we’ve been shopping again…

…and the new camera looks like this…

Pretty!  The camera in knitted cover fits into a hard-cover case I also bought, but I thought that I’d be able to carry the camera in the much smaller knitted cover in my handbag without the bulk of the hard-cover when we’re out and about. 

Back to knitting news, the other project on the go is the usual travel sock:

This week, there’s work on Tuesday (team meeting) and Wednesday, then I’ve got Thursday and Friday off as leave.  A is off most of this week too.  I don’t think we have much planned, but we can chill out and relax for a while.  Maybe we’ll even get out and do stuff in the garden, which I’ve been threatening to do for weeks!

One Response to “Two days late…”

  1. redfear Says:

    The stole is stunning! I sneaked a peak at your ravelry WIPs, that’s Gerda? absolutely gorgeous!

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