So much to catch up on

So, I missed a post last weekend, just didn’t get around to it.  Over the last two weeks we have:

  • Been to Slimbridge for a day out;
  • Walked around our local ‘patch’ a lot;
  • Had a few days leave;
  • Had our nieces over to stay;
  • Tidied up the garden and planted more stuff out;
  • Given away all the excess tomato plant seedlings (we grew 30, but only wanted 12 or so);
  • Been off sick with a throat virus;
  • Knitted a lot.

And probably loads of other stuff which I’m forgetting. 

The knitting has been all about the silver stole, which just needs a border then it’s done.  I’ve completed all six repeats of the main panel and started the border, so hopefully it should be ready to go away on the boat with us.  Yay!  I don’t have a photo at this stage, as it’s so close to being finished. 

Here’s a photo of the garden instead, taken from the bedroom window (hence the weird reflections/blurring):

Both roses are now flowering, as are the aqualegia and the love-in-a-mist.  Although, neither of those latter two were specifically planted where they grow…we planted them once upon a time, and now they pop up through the cracks in the patio.  I kind of like it though.  The rain we’ve had lately has caused a massive bloom of green-ness in our garden, it has become quite an adventure to get to the compost bin, complete with a variety of cats and many, many small spiders. 

Our little garden, with its feeders (invisible behind the cherry tree), now attracts more and more wildlife.  There are many bees, and a lot of other insects.  Mr and Mrs Blackbird have not been seen much for a few weeks – I suspect they have a second brood of youngsters and are too busy for lingering in our garden.  Hopefully they’ll pop back in soon.  The mealworms we leave out for them certainly disappear frequently. 

This week there has been a lot of tweeterer activity.  Tweeterer is the name we’ve given to all the small birds which fly over too quickly to identify, usually tweetering as they go.  They have now begun to hang around a bit more though, not just flying over.  I’m fairly sure I surprised one on the feeders one day, and on another occasion looked out of the window in time to see a goldfinch on the fence.  It has taken some time, but now it looks like our perseverance has paid off. 

It makes me happy. 

Also making me happy this week is weight loss.  I’ve lost over 1.5 stone, and lots of clothes fit a lot more comfortably than they did.  In fact I got put a whole box full of stuff that didn’t fit a few months ago, and can wear most of it now!  It’s hard to maintain…I want to celebrate with chocolate!  No doubt I’ll have regained most of it after a week on the boat (did I mention that we’re going on a cruise?), but I don’t care because I know I can lose it again. 

This coming week…let me see, work.  We might go out tomorrow afternoon to see some friends in their band.  Other than that just the usual.

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