I forgot to say last week, I used my new blocking boards for blocking my silver stole.  They were a thank you gift/payment from Avril, for the picture I made for her new grand-daughter.  Avril has just got back fromvisiting her daughter’s family in Australia, bringing the cutest little thank you card for the picture. 

Anyway, because I refused to accept money for the picture, Avril insisted on buying me something in return for my time and the materials used.  I asked for foam blocking boards, as usually I block my knitting on bath towels spread over the library floor.  It works, but it isn’t easy and I’ve bent any number of pins trying to get them to stay in place.  Apparently floorboards are hard – who knew?! 

So Avril got me the blocking boards:

Dianne warned me to unwrap them before I needed them, as they have a chemical smell at first.  I completely forgot.  I did discover that the smell (which started off very strong) disappeared after a few hours though, so it wasn’t really a problem. 

Luckily I did remember Catherine’s advice to use a pillowcase on them, as the colour ran slightly on hers.  I used an old sheet, and didn’t actually see any colour-run, but couldn’t have risked damage to the pretty stole. 

I’m impressed at how much difference those boards made to the blocking process.  For a start, the pins went in quickly and easily, staying where I put them every time.  The sheet made a much smoother surface than the bath towels I had been using, which was brilliant for such delicate lace.  The boards interlocked to amke the right shape and size, without moving much furniture to find space.  Best of all, once the stole was firmly pinned in place, I was able to lift the set of boards off the floor and prop them up against a bookcase, out of harm’s way.  We were able to move around the library without treading on pins, and the stole was safe from damage by foot (I’m very clumsy). 

I tried vey hard to get a good photo of the stole blocking, but the silvery yarn just faded into the pale blue sheet background and the photos were kind of hard to make out.  Never mind! 

So hooray for blocking boards, they are my new favourite.


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