Being brave

I’ve had a slight issue lately, which I think largely arises from feeling better.  Who’d have thought that feeling better would come with problems of its own?!  I have an itch to do stuff.  Any stuff.  I used to be satisfied with, to crave even, time in front of the television just knitting or stitching and not thinking too much.  While on the painkillers especially, that was enough for me. 

Just lately though, I want out.  I want adventure and excitement and…okay that’s not true, but I’m feeling smothered and constrained and wonder why it is we never do anything or go anywhere. 

Largely, it’s because I don’t like to…I find small details to worry about and so end up cancelling any plans we do make. 

Am I explaining this clearly?  It’s a dilemma, and it’s all of my own making. 

Last night I was trying to explain this to A yet again (he tries, but just doesn’t get it), when he pointed out that I do stuff all the time.  In fact I go to Bristol twice a week, completely on my own.  Lightbulb moment!  So this morning I have already been into town, and bought all the shopping we’ll need for the week.  So the rest of the weekend is our own, to do what we want with.  Of course now I’ve scratched the ‘going out’ itch, I’ll probably be content to just sit around and watch the telly-box! 

While I was in town earlier, I splashed out and bought some new work shoes.  They’re hardly exciting, but I like them:


I already have two identical pairs, one in red suede (very old and heading for the bin very soon) and one in red leather, so I know they are really comfortable and practical for walking the distances I do in my commute. 

The rest of the week has been okay.  I took Mum to the hospital on Tuesday, where the consultant took some tests.  She has to go back on Tuesday this week for results, so fingers crossed for good news and not the ‘something sinister’ possibility.  I also have an appointment on Tuesday, with the private gynae consultant.  He’ll be reviewing my current medication and I predict will leave it alone for another 3 months.  After that, who knows.  On Tuesday afternoon, A and I went shopping and bought a new fridge-freezer.  It should be delivered this coming Friday.  We also bought an unplanned printer – oops! 

In knitting/cross-stitch news, I’m still knitting away at the elephant for Gethin.  I had almost finished last night, then noticed that his ears were different sizes and shapes!  There will be a lot of sewing up necessary once all the pieces are done, which is a shame.  The cross-stitch picture I’m making for Holly is coming along nicely.  It just needs 3 sides of the border finishing, then it’s done. 

This coming week, apart from the hospital appointments and the fridge-freezer delivery…not much really.  Let’s hope it stays that way! 

For this week’s cruise story, I’ll list some of the wildlife we spotted.  Some of this was seen on route, some in ports/harbours/ashore.

  • Puffins
  • Dolphins (!)
  • Black Guillemots
  • Eider Ducks

That’s just the unusual stuff.  Eider ducks are cool.  We’d seen them a few weeks before, at Slimbridge, where we couldn’t help laughing at the way they say ‘ooo-oo-ooo’, like an old lady when you’re telling a story she doesn’t really understand but wants to show an interest in.  When a few of them start doing it together it is really comical. 

Black Guillemots were everywhere.  We noticed them a couple of times, but couldn’t identify them, then one day we saw them swimming around in a harbour (Greenock?) while we were walking along the esplanade.  We produced binoculars and bird book and soon pinpointed what they were, especially once we realised that they were nesting in holes in the harbour wall. 

We didn’t see Puffins until fairly late in the cruise, but having spotted them once, we saw them repeatedly for a couple of days.  They are so funny looking, flying like clockwork toys over the surface of the water, then diving straight in. 

The most exciting though were the dolphins.  It was just a few short seconds when they were swimming alongside the ship, jumping above the waves, right in front of us.  We just happened to be in the right place at the right time.  So cool.


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