So much going on…lots of craft news

Firstly, my friend Caron’s baby arrived.  Isla Elizabeth is safe and well, but has a heart defect and will need surgery at some point in the near future.  Probably several times.  But Yay!  for a safe delivery.  That puts finishing her cross-stitch picture up at the top of my to-do list.

First I had to do this:

That’s a birthday present for my friend’s baby boy…well, I say ‘baby’, but it’s for his 21st birthday!  Steven was the first new baby I ever came into contact with, at the age of 14.  I loved him so much, and spent hours with him and his parents – I was almost the only person trusted to babysit.  I cannot believe that my little boy is 21 this week!  This isn’t my usual style, but that’s because I have made it to match the ones I made for his 1st to 5th birthdays.  The space rocket is because he works for the space research centre.  It should make him laugh. 

The next finish of the week is Holly’s picture:

A third finish is the Elmer cross-stitch, which I made for nephew Gethin a few weeks ago…now a cushion, thanks to Auntie Rosemary:

We just have to deliver all these masterpieces now!

In knitting news, I found a bit of a lull, so I pressed on with the travel socks:

Then I remembered that I’d promised my step-dad the rest of his Teddy Bear’s picnic set for his birthday.  For the last two years he has received small bears, but this year he’s expecting the picnic set itself.  I made a start with a third bear first:

Apart from all the making things, it has been a slightly hectic week.  I can’t exactly pinpoint why right now, but there doesn’t seem to have been any time to spare. 

One thing that is happening is Elvis:

Elvis is our nephew’s rabbit, but he’s staying with us for a week or so while Max is on holiday.  He’s cute and all, but just seems to remind me constantly that my rabbit died.  He is NOT my rabbit.  He is not MY rabbit.  How do I still miss that damn rabbit so very much?!  Lesson learned, we aren’t ready for another rabbit yet. 

So, this week coming should be a fun one.  I’m going in for day surgery on Thursday.  Got Friday off sick to recover from the anaesthetic.  Also to get the next dose of the hormone treatment I’m on.  Tomorrow night we’re going to Slimbridge to see an open air production of The Importance of Being Earnest.  I’m really hoping that it doesn’t rain!  At some point we have to go round to my brother’s house with the Elmer cushion and the knitted elephant.  And catch up with Caron, find out how baby Isla is. 

Hopefully I can even find an hour in the madness to go knitting in the library!


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