Feeling grotty

It has been another mad/weird one.  Surprised?  No, me neither. 

As planned, we went to Slimbridge last Sunday evening, for an open-air production of The Importance of Being Earnest.  It was really good, we thoroughly enjoyed it.  We took a picnic, and were lucky with the weather, even the late night drive home was smooth and easy.  A had a genius idea – we roasted a joint of beef during Sunday afternoon, then made the freshest, most delicious roast beef and horseradish sandwiches from it, for our picnic.  Better than anything we could have bought! 

On Saturday we managed to deliver Gethin’s presents:

When I first put the knitted elephant down next to him, Gethin turned his head, his eyes widened and his mouth dropped open.  He just lay there staring until he was picked up by his Dad!  The elephant is now living in his cot, which I think counts as a success. 

On Wednesday I had hoped to go Knitting in the Library, but got sidetracked at the doctor’s surgery, trying to sort out prescriptions.  Knowing I couldn’t work on Thursday or Friday, I couldn’t then afford the time out for knitting as well.  😦

So, Thursday.  I went into the hospital for day surgery, to have the Mirena coil fitted.  It was done under general anaesthetic.  I’d forgotten how bad anaesthetics can make you feel…in the past they’ve always been before keyhole surgery, involving some kind of cyst or endometriosis removal, and I assumed that it was mainly the surgery itself that left me feeling miserable and unwell.  This time, the surgery was much simpler and quicker, although not without its own complications, but I still felt terrible afterwards.  I’ve had the most awful cramps ever since, which is my body trying to reject the Mirena.  I’ve got some drugs which are supposed to control that, but they aren’t 100% effective and have caused an IBS flare-up. 

Overall, I don’t feel so good.

Moving on to something positive though…two finishes:

That’s Isla’s picture, all done.  She was allowed home from hospital last Sunday, which is fantastic news. 

And that’s my step-dad’s birthday present.  He already has two bears, this completes the set.  Although I could drag it out for a few more years by making random extras.    His birthday isn’t until October, so it’s ready in plenty of time. 

Now I just have my travel socks on the go, again.  I don’t have any specific inspiration for a next project…I’ll see what takes my fancy next.

This week will hopefully be an easier one.  Provided these cramps go away, I’ll be back at work on Monday.  Bristol Tuesday and Thursday as usual.  Knitting in the Library on Weds.  Maybe this afternoon we’ll go to see our friends’ band, but they’re playing in a park, so it depends on the weather.


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