More Finishes!

And an unheard-of third post in a week! 

To tell the truth, I’ve been (not) dealing with the side effects of the Mirena coil, and not coping very well.  The pain was constant, with additional severe cramps whenever I tried to do anything.  Plus the drugs were starting to take effect, giving me all the side effects.  Including depression.  Yep, that’s what I needed.  Right at the point when I couldn’t even apply my usual walking cure. 

Anyway, I went back to the hospital yesterday and the Mirena coil is gone, I had it removed after less than a week.  So not worth it. 

On a (kind of) plus side, I’ve had many more hours than usual for knitting.  I’ve made these, for example:

They are flip-top mittens for Ali’s Christmas present.  I thought they’d be useful for her treks between office and train station.  From my own experience, gloves are essential, but these have the advantage that she can flip the top over when she needs to retrieve her door pass/train ticket.  An early finish, but a good one. 

Also, I have finished these:

Those are my latest travel/hospital socks.  Made using tofutsies yarn, in a 2×2 rib pattern.  They are really soft and comfy. 

There is of course a down side to finishing so much…I now have nothing on the needles at all!  Not even travel/back up socks. 

Hmmmm, what to do next?!

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