Still making bunnies

Sadly, the pocket bunny obsession has not yet passed.  The collection now looks like this:

There are a few missing, the ones I’ve given away or hidden in people’s pockets.  Plus a few in my own pockets, where I make them on the train and put them in a pocket for safe keeping.  It feels quite productive – I can make a bunny on my way to Bristol, another on the way home and a third in my lunchbreak if I don’t go out.  Craziness! 

As well as the pocket bunny world invasion, I’ve been making these:

They are to send to a lovely lady on Ravelry who is making blankets for people who need them, using donated squares.  Channelle lives here in Swindon, so I could probably hand-deliver them, but it seems easier to stick them in the post as I haven’t been driving much.  If I get my act together they’ll go this morning, otherwise some time next week.  It’s been quite good to practice my crochet skills, as I’ve never done very much.  I hope they are up to scratch! 

Next I have promised to make a cross-stitch card for Chloe at work, who is going on maternity leave soon. 

Apart from the craft news, this week has been another rollercoaster.  I was starting to feel better, went knitting in the library, getting my head together.  Then I went to see the consultant on Weds evening and he shook me up again.  At my request, while I was unconscious for my day surgery two weeks ago, he took a cervical smear. I knew I was due for one, and the idea of not being awake for it seemed appealing.  Sadly, when the results came back this week they showed abnormal cells, at a level which needs further investigation.  So I’m going in again for day surgery, to have a biopsy and some other tests done. 

I thought we’d simply be discussing hysterectomy – when, where, how and a load of other questions I had prepared.  While he agrees that that is the only remaining treatment option, he isn’t equipped to discuss it without these further test results, as there’s a good chance they’ll affect the how and probably the ‘how much’ which I hadn’t even given much thought to. 

It’s never simple. 

So, this coming week…Monday is a Bank Holiday so I get a long weekend.  Tuesday I’ll go to Bristol.  Weds I go in for day surgery.  Thursday I try to recover somewhat.  Friday, working at home.  Not at all what I was expecting!


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