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A peaceful week

September 25, 2010

As I’d hoped, this week has been a quiet one.  I haven’t been to a single hospital or doctor’s appointment – mine or anyone else’s.  A has had to work one evening, for a stock-take, but that went smoothly and was soon over.  I have been to Bristol twice, leaving me exhausted and in some pain yesterday, but not too bad. 

And there is snooker on, which always chills me out 🙂

On Wednesday I made it to Knitting in the Library for the second week running, and I’m planning to get there again this week. 

In other news, my Mum and my niece both have surgery dates – Mor needs her tonsils removed and will have day surgery on 22nd Oct.  Mum is also going in for day surgery on 5th Nov.  Hopefully I’ll be mobile again in time for Mum’s op – as I’ll still be off work at that point I could easily take her and pick her up afterwards…as long as I can drive by then.  We’ll see.

In my weird knitting world, much progress and no live projects!  I’ve finished my mittens and my sunshine socks, but haven’t got any new photos as the second one of each is the same as the first!  I now have no projects on the go so will have to get something started. 

Actually, I have a bit of a plan about that.  As I’ll be incapacitated for a few weeks, I’ll have plenty of knitting time but not much energy/ability for searching out yarn/patterns/needles etc.  So I’m going to work out a list of projects I want to start and gather all the materials together over the next week.  I’ll swatch and work out needle sizes, then set up a project bag for each new start, containing needles, yarn, pattern and any other odds and ends, such as stitch markers.  Then, when I’m ill, I’ll be able to just pick up the relevant bag and get on with it.  There will be a range of sizes and complexities, from pocket bunnies to a christening shawl (I’m going to be Gethin’s godmother at his christening in Dec – yay!).  I’ve also got a few cross-stitch patterns in mind. 

I’ve already got a few things in mind, have ordered a specific kit for the christening shawl, and will start printing patterns later this morning. 

It’s quite exciting! 

Anyway, this week coming…not a lot at the minute.  Bristol twice, as usual, including Theresa’s return from her holiday.  She always brings me Rees’ peanut butter cups when she has been to America 🙂 

Tonight we’re going out for dinner with Alan and Kat, who we haven’t seen for ages. 

Apart from that, I’m hoping for another quiet one.  Two in a row?  Fat chance!


Good news, less good news and a surgery date

September 18, 2010

This week has not been a normal one.  For a start A has had to work an evening already, with another tonight – it’s really rare for him to work any at all so two in a week throws our routine completely. 

It was my baby brother’s birthday on Thursday, and my mum’s today…so two social visits in a week too.  I’ll pop in and see Mum when I collect A from work tonight – she’s out all day anyway. 

I’ve been to Bristol twice, for the first time in a while.  That’s tiring, especially with delays on the trains. 

I made it to Knitting at the Library, and found myself in a crowd of five of us!  It’s unusual for so many people to make it all at once, but it was fun.  We even had a new lady come along, which is always good. 

And I went to see the consultant for biopsy results and to discuss further surgery.  The good news – I do not have cancer.  The not-so-good news?  I do have pre-cancerous cells, so need some extra surgery.  It’s not so bad though, because although the iffy cells are widespread, the problem can be taken care of as part of an extended hysterectomy.  To be honest, a hysterectomy was the next, and only remaining, treatment option anyway.  The problem is not so big as to prevent keyhole surgery, so I should recover faster than from an open op. 

So…14th October it is!  I’m scared.  But also looking forward to getting it over with.  But also dreading the slow, miserable recovery period.  But what can I do, except get on with it?  Oh yes, make sure I’ve got plenty of yarn! 

Speaking of yarn, I gave in to an impulse purchase last weekend and bought 3 packs of Lidl sock yarn.  You know, just in case 😉

So, on to the really interesting stuff…in knitting news, I’ve completed one each of my mittens and socks.  The mitten worked out well, and I’ve made a start on a second one:

It’s really long at the wrist, which is intentional as I’m thinking of my walks to and from train stations in the winter.  The pattern on the palm is different to that on the back, and the thumb ended up just where I wanted it. 

As pleased as I am with my mitten though, I’m even happier with my first sunshine sock:

I started with the idea of using small cables, decided on three together, then got going and kind of made it up from there.  I decided I wanted the cables to run throughout the sock, including into the ribbed cuff, down the sides of the heel, along the foot and into the toe.  It seems to have worked pretty much as I pictured it and I’ve already had several positive comments before it was even finished. 

Which reminds me, I met a knitter on the train on Tuesday, which is a first.  She sat down next to me, pulled out her knitting and we got talking.  Fantastic! 

This week coming then…no doctor or hospital appointments for once!  The usual two days in Bristol, hopefully Knitting in the Library, and not a lot more.  Fingers crossed!

Designing my own…

September 11, 2010

This week has been a weird one.  I wonder how many times I’ve started a post with that statement?  Probably best not to count! 

I haven’t recovered as well as I’d hoped from the last round of day surgery, in fact I’m still struggling slightly with a bad bout of IBS, but that’s almost under control.  I ended up having another two days off work sick though, which is not good. 

Apart from the dull health stuff though, this week has been mainly about crafts.  I’ve made a card for when Chloe at work goes off on maternity leave:

That is now doing the rounds at work, collecting signatures and money to buy presents. 

I made it to Knitting in the Library, which was good. 

And I’ve been bitten by a bizarre ‘design it myself’ bug.  I’ve felt particularly inspired to design my own stuff, there are just so many lovely patterns out there, what could I possibly contribute that would be new or original?  I have played with cross-stitch design, but usually only to the extent that I take small elements of other designs and arrange them into a complete end product.  Or printing an existing picture onto graph paper and converting it to squares for stitching – that’s easy stuff.  If I could draw, it would be a whole different story, but there’s no use wishing for the moon. 

Knitting-wise, I’ve spent many hours on Ravelry, exploring the many thousands of patterns available – loads of them for free.  I’ve bought a few magazines and a few books.  I’ve improvised a few sock patterns.  But while I feel the need to produce, I don’t feel inspired to create.  Usually. 

This week however I have started and re-started the same two projects at least four times each…and I will figure them out eventually! 

Firstly, these are my mittens:

The first picture is the back, the second one the front, including thumb hole.  I’m not entirely happy about the placement of the thumb, or the method I’ve used to create/separate it.  I think it’s too high up on the hand, but I’ve never made mittens this shape/style before so I’m uncertain where it should go.  I’m planning to rip back as far as the thumb anyway so I’ll give it more thought at that stage.  I have already changed yarn completely, changed needle size a couple of times and amended the stitch count at least once. 

In the process of knitting this mitten I have also learned a new technique – I can now knit continental style.  This makes managing the two colours very much easier, neater and (now I’ve got the hang of it) quicker. 

My second creation is a complete re-make of my sunshine socks.  I got almost to the end of the first sock and realised I hated the combination of pattern and yarn.  The sock felt stiff and scratchy and didn’t look as I expected.  So I frogged the whole thing and thought about what I really wanted…which it turns out is cables.  Small, repetitive cables. 

Progress so far is like this:

The vision I have is for three narrow cables to run down each side of the sock, with plain knitting at the front and back.  Where the cables meet the heel, one will stop, the middle one will continue down the side of the heel flap and the third will continue down the top of the foot. 

So far I only have the cuff, thanks to several re-starts.  I am also knitting these continental-style, to get the practice. 

So, this coming week:

  • Bristol twice as usual
  • Hospital appointment to discuss test results and op dates
  • Baby brother and Mum’s birthdays

Not much to tell

September 4, 2010

This week has been a wash-out, as predicted.  I did get to catch up with my best friend, Mrs Jarge, last weekend, which was great.  Apart from that though, there was work, there was surgery and there was an attempt at recovery. 

The good news is, the doctor-man didn’t see anything worrying while he was operating, so is fairly certain I’ll be able to have a keyhole hysterectomy.  That means a much shorter recovery time, and we can plan it around holidays.  Fingers crossed the biopsy results don’t show up anything unexpected. 

In knitting/crochet/cross-stitch news…I’m back onto socks.  I’m making a pair of ‘Sunshine socks’, in bright yellow, for when it’s grey in the winter.  I’ve sent my crochet squares off to be made into blankets.  I’ve made a few more Pocket Bunnies.  And I’ve started a card for Chloe at work, who is going on maternity leave soon. 

No photos at this stage as nothing is looking interesting as yet. 

So, this week…work as usual, including a team day on Tuesday.  Doctor’s on Friday for the next dose of treatment.  I really want to get to Knitting at the Library on Weds.  And hopefully nothing much else!