Not much to tell

This week has been a wash-out, as predicted.  I did get to catch up with my best friend, Mrs Jarge, last weekend, which was great.  Apart from that though, there was work, there was surgery and there was an attempt at recovery. 

The good news is, the doctor-man didn’t see anything worrying while he was operating, so is fairly certain I’ll be able to have a keyhole hysterectomy.  That means a much shorter recovery time, and we can plan it around holidays.  Fingers crossed the biopsy results don’t show up anything unexpected. 

In knitting/crochet/cross-stitch news…I’m back onto socks.  I’m making a pair of ‘Sunshine socks’, in bright yellow, for when it’s grey in the winter.  I’ve sent my crochet squares off to be made into blankets.  I’ve made a few more Pocket Bunnies.  And I’ve started a card for Chloe at work, who is going on maternity leave soon. 

No photos at this stage as nothing is looking interesting as yet. 

So, this week…work as usual, including a team day on Tuesday.  Doctor’s on Friday for the next dose of treatment.  I really want to get to Knitting at the Library on Weds.  And hopefully nothing much else!


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